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From inspiring first time writers to take on that first story, to walking experienced authors through the understanding branding, from schools to conference key-note speeches, I love it.



Fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, and space opera, my books will capture the heart of kids and adults alike. Discover The Yellow Hoods, The Wizard Killer, and all the rest of my books (released and to come). PLUS free samples! And who doesn’t love a free sample?.

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As an author, blogger, and mentor, I try to capture some lessons learned and nuggets of inspiration that I can share. Also, it’s a great way to show the other side of author life.

Worlds for Everyone

I write stories for the younger reader (tween and teen) who are looking for fun with character and depth, and I layer it for the adult who will connect the dots I have painted throughout the tale to see the true story that’s there.

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The Yellow Hoods

In a world on the edge of airships and steam engines, where fairy tales are real, we meet Tee, Elly, and Richy who will rise up as heroes and become known as The Yellow Hoods.

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The Wizard Killer

This high-action, post-apocalyptic, dark fantasy tale is written first person and doesn’t relent from page one.

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The Man of Cloud 9

This science-fiction thriller takes you 70 years into the future, where a Silicon-Valley style genius believes the world made a huge mistake in banning nano-technology and will stop at nothing until he’s proven right, or loses everything.

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The King’s Horse

Returning to the world of steampunk and fairy tale, we follow the adventures of Christina Creangle. When her father passes and the world needs a new hero, will she be able to rise up and stop the Moufan Men in time before they get their hands on the King’s Horse?


What’s Next?

Discover what amazing stories I have in my pipeline and when I’m hoping for them to release.

Reviewers and Feedback Welcome

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A Bit About Adam Dreece


Despite being an international best-selling young adult author and frequent conference speaker, I try to make time for everyone who reaches out and needs a helping hand. Currently best known for my steampunk-meets-fairy tale series, The Yellow Hoods, and my high action, post-apocalyptic dark fantasy series, The Wizard Killer. My latest novel is The King’s Horse, a darker return to his The Yellow Hoods world of Mondus Fumus.

I’m a father of three, and native Montrealer, grew up reading comic books, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and writing stories and software. These days, loving life in Calgary, I can be found under a mountain of projects and stories.

You can read about my public speaking side further down, and if you’d like to reach out and share some thoughts with me, by all means. Here’s the form.

Also, if you’d like to find out where I’ll be next, go to the Events page.


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A Speaker For All Ages

Whether I’m talking to a single class or full gym of grade 4-12ers, or presenting a keynote speech at a conference, I always bring my three key principals of presentations with me: inform, entertain, and inspire. If we can laugh, we can learn, and if we laugh, we can get around the obstacles that have stopped us from achieving our goals and dreams.

I first built my public speaking side in the technology world, as a solution architect (aka software architect) with strong ties to Microsoft. One day, when working for Microsoft, I heard about an opportunity that absolutely terrified me. Someone was looking for a volunteer to do a cross-Canada speaking tour. It would be 7 cities in 6 days, and the speaker would have to talk for 3 hours per city with the headline speaker talking for one. I decided to step forward and do it.

Until then, the biggest audience I’d ever spoken to was 30 people. After that, it was 1200. I learned a lot about myself, about public speaker, and learned that it was something that had to remain a part of my professional life (and it did). When I shifted my focus from the technical world to the literary, I did the same type of jumping in, head first. Since that time, I’ve spoke at numerous conferences, associations, many schools, and on podcasts, as a speaker and as a panelist.

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Sample School Talk

In person or via Skype/Facetime/Zoom

My aim with students is to help them unlock their ideas and find ways to express themselves. For those that feel all locked up inside, this gives them tools and ideas for finding their voice. For students who are prolific writers, it helps them understand what are some of the things I take into account as a professional author.

As a dyslexic author, and as a former software architect, I have a number of viewpoints and approaches to share with them that are as valid for writing a science report, as writing a story, or writing a proposal for a $100 Million project.

These talks always aim to be fun, funny, and informative, and to leave the kids inspired. I’ve had a lot of success giving these talks in person as well as via Skype.

Sample Talk 1

Unlock Your Writing Soul

This talk is the heart of what’s mentioned above, and focuses on helping kids find ways for getting their ideas to the page. Being a dyslexic author, I’m highly visual, and I share a number of approaches for moving my stories out of my head that are non-linear and often help students see that an approach they were using is not only valid, but used by authors. This boosts their confidence.

In the longer versions of this talk, I discuss how to have fully fleshed out characters and world building. This talk is available in a 45 minute and double-length 90 minute version.

Sample Talk 2

Building Immersive Worlds

This talk focuses on the subtle and substantive ways for creating an immersive world for readers, as well as how to avoid the classic pitfalls. This talk is available in a 45 minute version only.

Sample Talk 3

Creating a Twisted Fairy Tale

In my works, I always have elements of fairy tale in them. Working collaboratively with the students, I show how we can do create an all-new tale together in an hour. Often we create the first one together, then they split into groups to create another one themselves (depending on the amount of time available). Available in a 45 minute and a double-length 90 minute version.

Sample Keynote

No Damnit, I’m Doing It Anyway

This speech focuses on breaking down what stops us from getting to greatness by revealing details about my journey, and how each of us has the strength to overcome them. Whether its toxic people around us, having dyslexia, being it with a medical condition that leaves us feeling crippled, or an emotional event that hollows out our soul, we will not surrender to the darkness, we will not let life pass us by, we will stand up and fight.

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