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Along Came a Wolf is the debut book of the highly rated emergent SteamPunk series, The Yellow Hoods. This young adult series is layered for the mature reader. It incorporates some elements of fairy-tale, inspired by the notion of what if the rhymes and tales we know were based on real events, in this world. Details about the series here.

Book 1 – Along Came a Wolf


Called “The Harry Potter of technology” and “A cross between Hunger Games and the Kingkiller Chronicles,” the Amazon best seller series, The Yellow Hoods, is a gripping, whimsical adventure that’s layered for the young and mature adult, making it great for ages 9 to 90.

Someone is on the hunt for the steam engine plans, and believe that master inventor, Nikolas Klaus, has them. Thought dead by most, and forgotten by many, the quiet grandfather has been living for years in the sleepy mountain town of Minette, keeping his inventions mostly to himself and watching after his granddaughter grow up.

Twelve year old Tee, and her two best friends, Elly and Richy, come together as the heroic Yellow Hoods in the face of life threatening danger. Whose side are the Cochon brothers on, and will they tip the balance? Will Nikolas’ ties to one of the secret society cost him Tee’s life?

The world is 1800s-eque, with a rich history that is discovered throughout the series. Grounded fairy-tale elements are incorporated in the background, providing additional depth and enrichment for the mature reader.

Free 3 Chapter Sample: ePub   PDF

Official Site: The Yellow site for the full description and details.

Current rating: 4.5+/5 at,

Published Reviews: Author Rachael Sizemore, Author Dylan Hearn, Author D. Emery Bunn, Author K. N. Lee, Book Reviewer Rachel Speakes, Author Luther Siler, Writer & Reviewer Loren Neal, Book Reviewer The TBR Pile, Author Michael W. Griffith


ISBN: 9780988101302(Print edition)

Book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail


In an act of desperation, inventor Maxwell Watt entrusts his son to secretly deliver plans for his completed steam engine to Nikolas Klaus, a master inventor in another kingdom. When the Fare, the nefarious secret society, learns the game-changing invention’s plans are en route, they accelerate their own scheme to neutralize Klaus on their path to reclaiming long-lost control over kingdoms.

Meanwhile, after a decade of relative tranquility in Mineau, local children have started to go missing—again. Captain Archambault suspects the return of the disturbing and depraved Ginger Lady. With the help of Tee, Elly, and Richy—the Yellow Hoods—the search is on to find the missing children before it is too late.

What is the secret that ties one of the Yellow Hoods to the Ginger Lady?

Who are the Red Hoods?

Enjoy this darker, edgier instalment in the exciting emergent SteamPunk adventure series.

Free 3 Chapter Sample: ePub  PDF

Official site: The Yellow site for the full description and details.

Current rating: 4.8+ stars,

Published Reviews: Author D. Emery Bunn, Writer & Reviewer Loren Neal, Book Reviewer Rachel Speakes


ISBN: 9780988101357 (Print edition)
Published Reviews: Author D. Emery Bunn, Writer & Reviewer Loren Neal, Book Reviewer Rachel Speakes

Book 3 – All the King’s Men


All the King’s Men picks up immediately from the exciting cliff-hangers of book 2. As Marcus Pieman’s plans are unfolding, so are someone else’s. Who has been lurking in Marcus’ shadow, waiting for an opportunity to strike? What’s the connection between Marcus and fellow master inventor, Nikolas Klaus? Who has been playing more than one side, for years?

Meanwhile, what event inspires Christina and Mounira to abandon the rest of the team, and what pushes a Yellow Hood to their breaking point?

Plus, discover the fate of the Hound and the Red Hoods!

Free 3 Chapter Sample: ePub PDF

Official site: The Yellow site for the full description and details.

Current rating: Not Yet Released
Availability: Due April 2015



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