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The Wizard Killer
Paws for a Tale Cover

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Soldiers with military camouflage uniform in army formation

Thank you to those in service

Thank you to those who have served and who do serve, whose selfless actions allow me…

Time is money concept with clock and coins

Stealing Time

Originally published in OPAL Point of View magazine in November 2016. When I released "The Man…

People enjoying walking in mountains

The Return to Kindle Unlimited?

Surprised? Well, there's a story and a journey here. If nothing else, the world of…

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Adam Dreece is the best-selling author of The Yellow Hoods series, former senior software architect, father to three awesome kids, mentor, husband, Canadian.

"In 2014, I released my first two books in a new series called The Yellow Hoods. It was amazing to see the reception my books got at CalgaryExpo and EdmontonExpo as they launched, and then watch them both become repeat Amazon Best Sellers."  Read more at  About Me.