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An essential guide for all authors

"Absolutely spot on." - Robert J. Sawyer

Based on his popular talks, coaching lessons, and thousands of hours doing signings and events, best-selling author and speaker Adam Dreece shares hard-earned lessons learned, insightful tips, and funny and heart-warming stories, in this accessible and essential guide. Learn how to:
• Sell more books at events
• Engage with the public effectively and effortlessly
• Create a lasting positive impression with the people you meet

“Absolutely spot on. I've been doing book signings since 1990, and I thought I knew it all, but Adam Dreece's clear-headed guidelines taught me a lot. You can stumble through your public appearances -- or you can follow these excellent suggestions and make the most of every opportunity. Adam Dreece has become my guru for twenty-first century publishing." 
- Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of FlashForward

"Whether you're a new author or a veteran, this is going to up your game. I loved it!”
-Jonas Saul, author of the Sarah Roberts Series

“Adam is a master at connecting with the public. This book is an amazing step-by-step guide for authors wanting to meet new readers.” - Suzy Vadori, Award-Winning Young Adult Author of The Fountain Series

“As someone who has been stealing ideas from Adam for years, it’s great to see his knowledge and experience with bookselling distilled into this succinct, clever little book. Highly recommended.” —Luther M. Siler, author of The Benevolence Archives.

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