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Day 22 of writing The King’s-Horse

Now, revisions start. With the story done, the ending known, the next two in the series well envisioned, it’s time to start smoothing things out, filling in the blanks, and getting ready to send this story out to beta-readers in a few weeks. OMG, how did this happen? Here are the Day 1 and Day 15 blog posts.

This past weekend, I stepped away from the story and did lots of family stuff. That meant the overall word count didn’t go up, and as silly as it might sound, on Sunday night when I sat down to work on it, I was afraid I’d lost my rhythm. I hadn’t. What had happened, was I had hit that point where now I need to start revisions. I’ve also been chasing after a few cover artists, though nothing locked in at the moment. The most WOW one wanted $2000 USD, and that’s well outside of my range at this point in my career. I’ve locked in my editor, so ah… I’ll need to push the after-burners on getting the cover sorted out ASAP when the story’s off to betas.

Story wise, I’m still having a lot of fun. The thing that has surprised me most was how some of the other characters (other than Christina and Mounira) have really stepped on to the stage. This trilogy is already taking shape, and I’m eager to see where this story ends up after my 3 rounds of revisions.

Also? This series has crystalized an Amami based series I’ve been playing with for months and months. Think of her as a highly inventive, half-Black Widow/half-Punisher, focused on helping people get their kids back or avenge them. We’ll have to see if that comes forward out of my mind this year.

The current word count is 41,864. I still expect the story will end around 50k.

Btw, next week? Sample chapters!

While you don’t HAVE to have read The Yellow Hoods series first, I recommend it.

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