Be Part of the Official Launch Team

I’d love to have you part of my team getting the word out about my upcoming books. Word of mouth, and a passionate crew, can make a world of difference.

What would I like from you? Well, for example

  • Sharing the news with people you think would like the upcoming books or series
  • Calling your local bookstore and library, and telling them about the upcoming books
  • Giving me your feedback and ideas for how I can make this successful

What will I give you? Well, off the top of my head:

  • Excerpts you can share online
  • Want to do a mini-interview for your blog? Done!
  • Are you a reviewer? Let’s make your review part of launch week.
  • Screen images for phones
  • A chance to win limited edition mugs, t-shirts (first time I’ve ever done this), and signed copies of the books
  • Video blog responses to your questions to be part of the promotional material
  • And more

Then sign-up here!

Launch Team