The King’s Horse

The King's Horse by Adam Dreece

The clockwork tale of Black Beauty, Santa Claus, the Muffin Man, Humpty Dumpty, and more, is about to begin.

With the smoldering ruins of her life’s work all around her, inventor and adventurer Christina Creangle didn’t think twice about the offer from the secret society known as the Moufan-Men.

If they were willing to take care of her senile father, the once great inventor Christophe Creangle, until his dying day, and to allow her and her one-armed protege, Mounira, to join him, then what could be the harm?
But in a rapidly changing world, where airships are taking to the skies and where letters can travel between cities by tube in hours, who wouldn’t want the creator of the legendary mechanical horses known as King’s Horses, in their grasp?

From the pages of Adam Dreece’s international best-selling series, The Yellow Hoods, comes an all new steampunk meets fairy tale series of heart, legacy, and duty.

Launch Party in Calgary!

Join us for a wonderful evening as the clockwork tale of Black Beauty, Santa Claus, the Muffin Man, Humpty Dumpty and more, kicks off in the form of Adam Dreece’s latest Steampunk meets Fairy tale novel: The King’s Horse!
Spinning out of the pages of The Yellow Hoods, comes this all-new series of heart, legacy, and duty with Christina Creangle, her one-armed teenage sidekick Mounira, and a mechanical horse at the center of it all.
Don’t miss this wonderful evening and the start of something magical. There will be laughter, some behind the scenes stories, and tasty treats as well. Great for ages 12+.
Thursday, June 21st at Owl’s Nest Books from 7pm to 8:30pm. There will be goodies and cake!

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Release date: June 15, 2018

ISBN:  978-1-988746-12-8 (paperback)