Free Samples

Everyone loves free samples, don’t we? It allows us to get comfortable with the idea of committing to something that we aren’t a thousand percent sure about. So I’ve setup a number of different samples for you to try out regarding my books. Below are a set of different ways you can sample my books.

New Steampunk meets Fairy tale

The King's Horse

Discover my latest series with mechanical horses, airships, and following the adventures of Christina Creangle (aka Kringle) and Mounira! Read a few sample chapters available on WattPad!

A bit of everything

This sampler gives you a feel for the three different sides of me. It includes a few chapters from that seemingly innocent beginning of my Steampunk Meets Fairy Tale series, The Yellow Hoods, a few episodes of my pulse-pounding post-apocalyptic fantasy series, The Wizard Killer, and several chapters from my sci-fi thriller, The Man of Cloud 9.

Downloadable versions available here (all formats)

Online versions at WattPad – The Wizard Killer Season One, Along Came a Wolf – The Yellow Hoods #1, The Man of Cloud 9

Steampunk Meets Fairy tale

Whether you’re between 9 and 15, or you’re an adult, The Yellow Hoods brings a wonderful world of fairy tales made real and invention with layered story telling for you. You’ll get a feel for that seemingly innocent beginning and how it steps up over the course of the books.

Downloadable versions available here (3 book series sampler)

Online versions at Wattpad: Along Came a Wolf, Breadcrumb Trail, All the King’s-Men, Beauties of the Beast, The Day the Sky Fell.

Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy

High action, Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasy

Curious about a fantasy world after it’s apocalypse and the man who might be at its center? The story that’s been called Harry Potter Meets Diehard and Mad Max Meets Lord of the Rings is waiting for you to discover it.

Available as part of the 3 book sampler

Online versions at Wattpad: Season One, Season Two, Season Three

Science Fiction

The Man of Cloud 9

Take a step into the world of the late 21st century, where society has lost its stomach for big change and ideas as it continues to battle the climate and try to hold on to some form of old world normalcy. Meet Niko Rafaelo, a brilliant Silicon Valley-style genius who can’t let go of bringing back the banned technology of nanobots (illegal for 50 years). Will Niko break, or will he change the world? And if does, can he survive the consequences?

Downloadable version (8 chapters): All formats

Online version at Wattpad (5 chapters): Man of Cloud 9