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Book Category: The-Yellow-Hoods

The Day the Sky Fell (The Yellow Hoods, #5)

“Combining humor with wit, Dreece creates an original story that is gripping and entertaining. The prose is crisp and polished…

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Beauties of the Beast (The Yellow Hoods, #4)

Description: The Lady in Red’s revenge against the Piemans is nearly complete, and soon there will be no one to stop…

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All the King’s-Men (The Yellow Hoods #3)

“Truly masterful storytelling” – Description: More than a hundred years ago, a king declared that all geniuses, scientists and…

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Snappy and Dashing (A Yellow Hoods Companion Tale #1)

“Omg I could not put this book down ! ” – Description: Richelle was raised by her grandfather, Marcus Pieman—a…

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Breadcrumb Trail (The Yellow Hoods #2)

“a powerhouse of young adult fiction” – Finalist for Independent Author Network’s Book of the Year 2015 in Fantasy

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Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods #1)

“In his debut novel, Dreece mixes clever fairy-tale references… with intriguing contraptions, appealing characters, snide villains, humor, and an exciting…

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