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Snappy and Dashing (A Yellow Hoods Companion Tale #1)

“Omg I could not put this book down ! ” –

Description: Richelle was raised by her grandfather, Marcus Pieman—a renaissance man, genius, and the leader of the new Fare. She has become a formidable force, and her ambitious plays in the grand game have not gone unnoticed by her grandfather.

As Richelle returns from having dealt the Tub a significant blow at the end of Breadcrumb Trail (The Yellow Hoods, Book 2), she expects to get back to paperwork and politics—only to discover that someone is anxious to take her out of the game entirely.Has Marcus, perhaps, had enough of her antics? Or is someone else making a major move against the Piemans? What secret of Richelle’s past is tied to the plot on her life?

Follow Richelle Pieman in this exciting tale! Learn more about the Piemans’ plans and what Marcus sees as the key to the future.This short book contains no spoilers for All the King’s-Men (The Yellow Hoods, Book 3). It extends the tale of Book 2 without being required by the reader to be read for Book 3.

NOTE: Snappy and Dashing had an initial print run of 500 books. It was decided that instead of issuing a second print run, that the story would be rolled into a larger collection of companion stories in 2017/2018. A limited number are still available through Owl’s Nest in Calgary, AB and Books and Company in Prince George, BC.

ISBN: 9780988101388 | Released March 2014 | 36 Pages | 5.25×8 inches paperback

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Published by: ADZO Publishing

This has also been published by Sudden Insight Publishing in their Paws for a Tale, as well as by Brain to Books for B2BCycon Anthology 2017 (release: April 2017)


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