I’ll be at CalgaryExpo 2018

My Booth

BMO CenterAdam Dreece's booth at CalgaryExpo is number BMO 712Yes, I’ll be at CalgaryExpo this year! I’ll be in the BMO center and at a corner booth, #712. I’ll have The Wizard Killer – Season 3 and the new, limited-edition print, Snappy and Dashing with me (as well as my other books).

At the moment, my talks are on the walking list, except for a panel I’m doing Friday afternoon with Konn and Suzy!

Regarding Prince George’s FanCon 2018, unfortunately, I won’t be there due to family matters. Also, I won’t be at SaskExpo 2018 this year. As for EdmontonExpo, we’ll see. THAT SAID, you can DEFINITELY find me at DinoExpo in Drumheller in August as a guest! AND you’ll be able to pick up The King’s Horse – Book 1 there!

Panels and Talks!

Friday 1:30, Palomino H – I’ll be on a “Finished Writing, Now what?” panel with Konn Lavery and Suzy Vadori

Saturday 11:30, Palomino H – I’m giving my talk on “Unleash Your Writing”

One thought on “I’ll be at CalgaryExpo 2018

  1. Alan

    Great to meet you on Friday afternoon and thanks for taking the time to chat. The highlight of the expo was meeting local artists. It felt too crazy at the booth to buy your books at the time, I had kids and friends going in all directions but it’s easy to order them on amazon. Looking forward to meeting you again at the Launch party!


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