The Wizard Killer Season 3 by Adam Dreece

Release Day!! Wizard Killer 3

Wohoo! The latest installment in my high-action, post-apocalyptic fantasy series is out in eBook: The Wizard Killer – Season 3. You can get it on Amazon and Kobo (iBooks and GooglePlay soon). This is hands down the best series yet and answers all the key questions from Season One and Two, and will have you beating down my door for the next season (but please don’t, we’re trying to sell the house).

If you’re in Calgary, you’ll be able to pick up at copy of Season 3 at CalgaryExpo (I’m in the BMO at booth 712), get a paperback edition from Amazon, or get a signed copy in May from Owl’s Nest Books in Calgary.

If you’re not familiar with the series, WELL, let me tell you. This all action adventure series is written first person and takes place in a high fantasy/science fiction world after its apocalypse. The “man with no name” awakens to find himself restored to life for the third time, and he has vengeance on his mind. As he fights to survive, pieces of his blurry past start to come back to him.

Read a free sample of all 3 seasons, get it on Audiobook (Season 3 coming in April), or pick up the latest season today as an eBook on, (eBook and paperback), and on Kobo.

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