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Being Ruthless – Punting the Podcast

One of the worst ways to fail, in my opinion, is to be spread so thin that nothing you are trying has a reasonable chance at succeeding. It can be very easy to hide behind a million projects. Hide from what? From the possibility of doing your best and it still not working out. Instead, if you’re hiding behind a million things and they don’t work out, well, you know, you just didn’t have the time. This is something I learned a long, long, long time ago.

That being said, I realized this week that I had to look at my indie podcast show idea, and punt it. Justin (narrator for The Wizard Killer audiobooks) and I had a few great meetings, and I was anxious to start, but when I sat down and went through everything I have to do in the next few months, there wasn’t sufficient room for me to do the podcast and give it a real chance at success. Here are some of the key things on my list between now and end of May:

  1. Related to The Wizard Killer – Season 3
    1. final proofreading
    2. write the blurb
    3. preparing the marketing plan
    4. line in ARCers and get the book reviewed
    5. prepare the paperback for Amazon paperback, and a limited print run
    6. get bookmarks made, as well as a new banner for CalgaryExpo (comic-con)
    7. get the audiobook done
    8. launch it in eBook, print, and audiobook all together
  2. Vellum related
    1. Finish reformatting Season 1 and 2 of the Wizard Killer to match with #3
    2. Finish reformatting all 5 of The Yellow Hoods books w/new map, Mondus Fumus branding, and to align with King’s-Horse release
  3. Go through, finalize, and launch Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods #1) audiobook (and get it reviewed)
  4. Related to The King’s-Horse
    1. Incorporate beta feedback
    2. Send to editor (round 1), incorporate feedback
    3. Send to editor (round 2), incorporate feedback
    4. Send to proofreaders
    5. Finalize the cover, get it ready for Amazon paperback and limited print run
    6. Get bookmarks made, as well as a new banner for CalgaryExpo (comic-con)
    7. Line up ARCers and get the book reviewed (new series, so very important)
    8. Get the audiobook done
    9. Prepare the marketing plan
  5. Complete Action Guy: Permit Me
    1. This story’s sat 90% done for a year, it needs to be completed. So, finish writing it
    2. Send it for beta, then to the editor, proofreader, etc.
    3. Get it reviewed, etc.
  6. My House (we’re selling it in April/May)
    1. Patch and Paint most of the house
    2. Move things into storage locker
    3. Get rid of a lot of unneeded stuff
    4. Stage the house
  7. Prepare for the 6 speeches I’m giving in April/May
  8. Continue my short weekly video newsletters (YouTube.com/AdamDreece)
  9. Revamp the website (which has to get done before the end of the summer)

As I wrote those things, I started thinking of other things and man, the list just kept growing. The Action Guy stuff doesn’t have a deadline, but I do want it off my plate, so that I can then go to King’s-Horse #2, and with that out of the way, I’ll be able to focus back on Tilruna: Fall of House Andes.

Given all of this, and the very important part of selling my house, and moving into the new house, I’m rather busy. Did I mention that I’m a stay-at-home dad taking care of my 3 kids who invariably don’t end up going through two full weeks of school because of either PD days, illness, or alien intervention?

So on top of all of that, I was trying to get things lined up for the podcast. It just didn’t work. I’m not going to compromise the quality of any of my writing. I’m not going to screw up selling my house. I’m not going to abandon my kids to forage for themselves. There’s only so many things that a person can do, and I’m at my limit.

Thus, at least for now, the Along Came a Podcast, will not be coming along soon.

That said, The Wizard Killer – Season 3 releases on March 30th, and is available for eBook pre-order.

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