Day 37 of The King’s-Horse

By the end of today, the first half will have been revised. There were a few scenes that I was afraid of tackling, as I didn’t know if the story would hold together. There were a few story architecture pieces that I wasn’t sure would work. But thanks to some great music and tea, everything’s come together.

Oh, and if you haven’t checked out the first, unedited, pre-beta chapter, here you go!

One of the interesting things as I’ve gone through the story and cleaned it up, is that the plucky humor level has come down, a lot. It’s there but it always centers around Mounira when it surfaces, which feels right. She’s the hope to Christina’s sage survivor. That said, there’s still snarkiness and uplifting moments, just without the level of ha-ha I presented in the Yellow Hoods. That seems to be more of a Tee and Elly thing, as well as potentially a Bakon and Egelina thing.

I’d hoped to be ready to send out to betas, but between taking my time to fix things properly, my kids (my daughter’s been home a few days), and other tasks that have eaten my time, I haven’t got there yet. Fingers crossed, I only need another week.

I have, however, found an excellent narrator for book 1 of The Yellow Hoods and am launching that project. I guess I wasn’t doing nothing 😉


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