Day 8 – Yellow Hoods Spin-off

We had a great family Christmas, and a wonderful Christmas dinner with two other families which is on the verge of becoming a tradition (it was our second year). But a deadline waits for no one. So onwards!

A week ago, I broke new ground on my first Yellow Hoods spin-off (Day One post) right after sending The Wizard Killer – Season Three to my beta-readers. The word count to kick things off with was 2800.

The week went well despite the kids having Friday off and all the Christmas preparation. I didn’t write on Christmas Day and probably only managed to get a few hundred words out on Christmas Eve, but still, I’m happy with my progress (see below).

I came up with a better first scene that should allow a ‘never read the Yellow Hoods before’ reader slip into the story better. Also, I completed the flashback centered around Christophe Creangle and Nikolas Klaus’ escape which I am really, really happy with. It returns to that scene from Book 3 of The Yellow Hoods – All the King’s-Men but this time centers on Christophe, rather than Nikolas. And if you’re wondering if I had ever intended to do that, I had 100% planned to return to that moment at some point in the future when I wrote it back in late 2014/early 2015. I will say this about that Creangle scene, someone must have been cutting a WHACK of onions under my desk. Geez.

Current word count is: 12,374

Target ~60k

Check out The Yellow Hoods series page.

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