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Day 1 – Onwards, to another Yellow Hoods book

Yesterday morning, I sent the Wizard Killer – Season 3 to my beta-readers. While there’s going to be post-beta revisions, then post-editing revisions, I’m getting started on my next title right away. Rather than finishing up my new fantasy/space-opera story Tilruna: Fall of House Andes, or my super-hero tale, Action Guy: Permit Me, I’ve decided to return to the world of the Yellow Hoods and create the first spin-off with a series I’m tentatively calling Unfinished Business.

The first story is The King’s-Horse, which absolutely connects to volume three of The Yellow Hoods‘ appearance of the mechanical horse called, of course, a king’s-horse. It’ll pick with Mounira and Christina Creangle at the Moufan-Men’s compound where they headed out to at the end of The Yellow Hoods Book 4 – Beauties of the Beast. The story will bring back Franklin Watt and Dr. Francis Stein as they try to get their hands on a technological marvel that they feel could put them in true positions of power.

I’m giving myself a challenge, which is to have the story ready for beta readers by January 27th. That’s only 6 weeks away, and to write 50-60k in that time, plus have two rounds of revisions, is going to be a serious challenge. Adding to the complexity is 2 weeks of Christmas vacation for my 3 kids and the possibility of returning to the workforce (at least temporarily), but I really would like to have it available for the end of April @ CalgaryExpo.

I’ll be blogging as I go. We’ll see if I get there, or what happens along the way. Either way, this story is going to happen before anything else. It needs to, it’s been eating my brain for a year already.

Day 1

I sat down with some blank paper and mapped out the first third of the book, maybe a bit more. I’m excited as it feels good and tight. It makes sense and as a Yellow Hoods feel, while bringing some all new elements to the world.

Current Word Count: 2852

Onwards we go.

Check out The Yellow Hoods series page.

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