My first writing retreat

I wasn’t sure that it would work, going to Orlando with my wife. She had a Gartner conference to attend, and I could use the time she was at the informative sessions every day to write. The kids? Well, let’s see if my mom can take care of them (with help from my awesome near-teen daughter).

I had planned to work on Tilruna: Fall of House Andes, which will release next September, though I have three writing projects I really should release before then:

  • The Wizard Killer – Season 3
  • Non-fic book on selling books in person
  • Action Guy: Permit Me

My wife, in her infinite wisdom, told me that before I get to Tilruna, I should knock Wizard Killer S3 out. Why? Because it’s due shortly, and I have the audiobooks for season 1 & 2 in the works. Ideally, I could release Season 3 with its audiobook all before spring, with the same voice talent while he’s available. There’s wisdom to that.

We’re staying at a Disney hotel here in Orlando, and so I decided to make my way to Disney Springs, a shopping and restaurant district to try and find a cafe to work at. Well, I was a bit intimidated as I made my way.

  1. Could I find a good place to plunk down and work?
  2. Could I work for 5, 6 or 7 hours straight??
  3. Would the story come?


I’ve had several false starts to getting Season 3 of The Wizard Killer off the ground over the past several months. Part of the story idea needed time to cure, and part of it was I had kids, summer, and a million other distractions that didn’t let me get into that special place that I needed to for The Wizard Killer.

Well, here I am on Day 2 and I have to things are going well. Yesterday, I started from the end of the story and started working backwards, with each scene revealing how to I got to the one after it. Today, I’m starting from the beginning and heading toward that middle with a vengeance.

Fingers crossed that this writing retreat works because if it does, I’m going to need more 😀

4 thoughts on “My first writing retreat

  1. Alex McGilvery

    Glad it’s going well, Adam. I can’t do six or seven hours straight, not and wake up human the next day. I’m learning to pace my binge writing. Someday I may even go to a daily word count. I have your signing in Winnipeg on my calendar. If I’m mobile. I’ll be there.

    1. adamdreece Post author

      I keep having to take a short break, distract myself, and then I can get back to it. It is very nice to have the freedom of just writing though. I think I’m going to miss it next week!

  2. Susan Jackson

    You are in Orlando or coming to Orlando-I am an hour away, would lve to meet you at a book signing or whatever!!


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