A scene from Action Guy: Permit Me

I’ve mentioned that I had this secret super-hero project for a while. Though it’s near completion, I had to put it on the backburner because of Tilruna: Fall of House Andes and The Wizard Killer – Season 3. But I figured, why not share a bit of what it’s like and see what you guys think?

Here you go, Action Guy: Permit Me.

Scene 1 – Present Day

“Stop!” boomed a familiar voice from high above.

Action Guy laughed, refusing to break his vigorous stride. “Not this time, Stupendor! This one’s mine. I need the money.” His eyes were trained on the blue blur ahead of him.

He gave the few citizens paying him any attention his signature salute and took a steadying breath. With expert skill, he planted a hand on the roof of one moving car, leapt over it, and then vaulted over two others in rapid succession, before continuing on at top speed. “I’ve still got it!”

Weaving between pedestrians, he shook his head. “What happened to people stopping to get out of the way? Sigh.”

“Action Guy!” The voice rapidly approached.

“I’m busy!” he yelled over his shoulder, turning into an alley.

Skidding to a stop, he stared at the backside of an abandoned four-story building, blue wisps rapidly fading before him. “Really? Do you know who I am?” He scratched his grizzly beard. “Or maybe you realized I’m behind on my brick-breaking quota. Remind me to thank you, in jail!”

He lowered his stance and grinned from ear to ear. “Bring it on, wally.” Just as he took his first step, he was yanked into the air by the collar of his red and white jersey.

Flailing about, he yelled against the wind, “You promised to stay out of my hair!”

As the city below stopped shrinking, Action Guy twirled about, his hands in tight fists. Kicking and waving his arms, he got a glimpse of his heart-shaped face captor. His anger immediately evaporated. “Emeno? What the…? What are you doing?”

The twenty-something woman glared at him, her eyes and blown-back afro a blaze of yellow and white flames. The early morning summer sun reflected off the badge on her shoulder.

“We’ve got to talk.” Her jaw slid forward.

“Later. I need to catch this speedster so I can make rent for my secret cave,” Action Guy replied as he pulled his arms and legs in tightly, freeing him from her grip. He smiled as the city rolled in and out of view.

Emeno dove sharply and snatched him out of the air, shaking him violently by the shoulders. “Guy, there is no later! No more pushing me off, no more sorries. You’ve not answered messages from me or anyone else for weeks. I thought you just needed some space, but look at you, you’re a complete mess. You’ve got food stains on your cowl, and this shirt’s more brown than bright white.”

“My washer’s broken!”

She scowled at him. “Don’t! Don’t you dare lie to me. And what’s with the ratty barbarian beard? You always tell me to look top notch when I go out in public, so what’s your excuse?”

Action Guy’s face fell. “You don’t understand, Em. The government hasn’t paid me my salary in months. Until I can catch a big time villain, I need every little guy like this speedster to financially breathe. ”

She glanced about, “Uh oh. We’ve got two contrails inbound. I need to get you out of the open. Where can we go to talk?”

“Huh?” He scanned the sky, his eyes narrow.

“We’ve got about five seconds. Where?” She shook him. “Come on, think.”

Grimacing, Action Guy sighed. “My cave.”

Now you invite me?”

What do you think?

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