Wizard Killer – Starting on Season 3

While I await the feedback from beta-readers on Tilruna: Fall of House Andes, I’ve started working on The Wizard Killer – Season 3. My incredibly ambitious, bordering on insane, goal is to get this done so that it can release in September along side Tilruna: Fall of House Andes. And then, of course, I hope to release something else by the end of the year. Why stop in CrazyTown when Insaniville is just a few more miles down the road?


It’s become a pattern for me now, to sit down with a few legal sized sheets of paper and a few letter sized, and to start brainstorming out a storyline. For the Wizard Killer, I break down where do I want to end up at the end of the season, what changed for the character, what has changed for the world, etc. This all goes on the letter sized sheets.

On the legal sheets, I find myself brainstorming the episodes. I look at the beats, the story points, and I don’t go more than 4 or 5 episodes in before I start writing them. If I find myself getting stuck, I’ll return to the kitchen table more paper, but usually I can blow through a few episodes before needing to do that.

Having been a ‘purely digital guy forever’, it’s been interesting to find myself back to my oldest roots of some paper (and I mean this mid-40 year-old going back to being a kid writing). Never mind that I THOUGHT I was a pantser for the longest time… guess that delusion’s gone ;).

I find that when I sit there with paper, with out any distractions, and the ability to look across what I’m thinking in a way that I just can’t with a screen, my mind works differently. When I was a software architect, I would use whiteboards and paper, and my office would be alive with versions of thoughts all over the place, but then it would get brought together into something clear and coherent. And when I’d look at that final thing, I’d be surprised how it could have come from such a mess.

Preview of Season 3

In Season 3 of The Wizard Killer, we’re going to see our protagonist get more insight as to who and what he really is, and of a powerful darkness that is locked away inside him. We’ll see him trying to survive the consequences of Ania’s rise to power. And in the ‘flashbacks’ we’ll get answers as to who is Randmon, the old man, and meet a character who will be set on a collision course with our protagonist in Season 4.

One of the questions I get a lot is how many seasons will there be? My hope is 10, but I recognize that’s very ambitious given the format of this series. There will definitely be 5, and I’m nearly as certain I can do 7. But we’ll have to see, I mean, I still need to write Season 3.

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