Secret Writing Project Revealed

Well, I teased on Facebook that I had a secret writing project, but in truth I’ve had TWO. Hahahaha, ah, that’s the best way to do secrets, isn’t it? People think you have one thing to hide, and instead, you have two. Well, maybe not, but in this case it works.

The project I was alluding to originated when I was in Prince George for Northern FanCon last week. I was at the always awesome bookstore, Books and Company, doing a signing at the end of a day that had included two school talks. I was working on my writing plan for the rest of the year, when a friend and fellow mid-list author (though he’s about 2 years ahead of me in my opinion) posts that he wants to put out a themed boxset for the end of the year: Shakespearean Space-opera. Was I interested? Duh.

I stared at my plans and was trying to figure out how I could possibly come up with another universe that I would throw in there, and couldn’t see it. I don’t want to create one-off universes, but instead build on what I’ve got. Also, where was I going to steal the time from? I had a packed schedule. If there was only a way to make the story take place somewhere I already needed to flesh out, then it could be squeezed in.

So I messaged Drew and asked him if it could be Fantasy Space-Opera, and he was cool with it. Then everything clicked. I would write the fall of one of the great Elven houses in the Tilruna universe (my upcoming Fantasy Space-Opera universe). This fall would be what gives rise to the fascists that sets the stage for Season 0+, done with the heart of Hamlet. You’re all used to me taking fairy tales and bringing them to life with a twist in the Yellow Hoods, well, why don’t we take on Shakespeare as part of the prequel side of Tilruna? Sounds pretty damn cool to me.

My writing deadline is end of August, which means I’m guessing Drew will be bringing out the boxset in October. And I’ll be needing beta readers at the beginning of July. So if you’re keen, drop me a line. I’ll add you to the list.

Oh, and that other project? I’ll have a post about that shortly.

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