Now Available – The Wizard Killer Season Two!

I can’t believe it’s already here, the official release of The Wizard Killer – Season TwoWhat started out as an experiment, and nervously released a year ago, has taken its place right up there my steampunk meets fairy tale series, with The Yellow Hoods. It took a year to get to Season Two, but like any great binge show, all should be forgiven by the end of the first episode or two.

Need a Blurb?

“This is a world with magic and a political situation similar to the world of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower… Wizard Killer contains some of the most well thought out and satisfying magic I have ever read. The magic is subtle, but powerful. The world is harsh but magnificent.” – Readers’ Favorite

A magical world, once at the height of technology, has crashed and burned. Levitating cars lay abandoned, floating cities lie in ruin, and the tyrant Wizards who ruled with iron fists are nowhere to be seen.

In Season One, The Wizard Killer awoke from the dead for the third time, his memories scrambled. He survived the terrifying wasteland by his wits, his mana-pistol, and luck, but the luck ran out.

Now in Season Two, the Wizard Killer’s got something to say…

Kill me with a floating city? You got my attention. But then steal from me and try to burn me alive? You got me thinking.
I think I’m going to find your yigging, walking carcass and introduce it to two friends of mine: pain and vengeance.
By the way, I borrowed a lightning rifle. Don’t worry, I’ll return it… empty.

See you soon,
The Wizard Killer

Season Two kicks everything up a notch with 22 all-new, action-packed episodes.

Read a Sample of Season Two

Here are episodes 3 and 4, which are flashback scenes, for you to enjoy.

Pick it up NOW for only 99c!


YOU DON’T HAVE SEASON ONE?! It’s 99c too! Don’t read TWO without ONE.








Are you in Calgary, Alberta? Go to Owl’s Nest Books and pick up your print copy NOW. Or see me at CalgaryExpo, booth 1410/1510

PSST Did you make it down here? Well, here’s a SNEAK PEEK of the Season 3 cover. And if there’s a cover already, that means I’m not planning on waiting to get to writing it, doesn’t it? Join my newsletter and don’t miss a thing.

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