Followup to the Calgary Sun article

On Saturday afternoon, February 25th 2017, the Calgary Herald’s article about me and Amazon, written by Anna Brooks, came out. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. I spoke with Anna back in late January, after the events of “the Amazon Incident” (here was my followup).

After being kicked off Amazon for a crime I didn’t commit, then being brought back to Amazon with an apology but no compensation or “make it right” effort at something they even said was their fault, life has found a new normal. ALL my books are now available at Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, IndigoGooglePlay, Tapas Media, and slew of subscription services, and yes, Amazon. Why Amazon? Because they own about 90+% of the eBook market. That said,I’m not going NEAR their exclusive stuff. Knowing that someone can spend $10 and take down any author who is “all in” with them is insane. And that said, some of the other services are starting to really innovate. Kobo, for example, has a new service called Kobo Plus that they’re now offering in a few markets. That’ll grow, and Amazon will continue to enrage some authors by taking us for granted, and then one day there will be that tectonic shift. Can’t happen? I remember when IBM used to run the world, and history repeats.

The only outstanding problem is that Amazon stopped paying me monthly, which they are investigating. After forever and a day of being paid at the end of the month, February brought nothing, and that’s frustrating. It’s a great reminder about having all your eggs in one basket.

Thanks for your support, check out my books, and hey, join the mailing list. I put out a lot of good stuff on a regular basis.

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