Hey Calgary, come to the Book 5 of The Yellow Hoods launch!

It has been an AMAZING journey. It’s hard to believe that it was at CalgaryExpo, April 2014, that I launched my first book, Along Came a Wolf, and kick off my steampunk meets fairy tale series, The Yellow Hoods.

Now, here we are, three years later, capping the series with Book 5 – The Day the Sky Fell. But is this the end of the Yellow Hoods? You’ll have to come and find out! Don’t know the series? Come and discover the best-selling series that has captured the hearts and minds of those 9-15 and adults alike.

Come dressed up in steampunk, fairy tale, or however you please! The event’s being hosted by Owl’s Nest Books and sponsored in part by The Village, will be at The Village’s wonderful and convenient location right by the Brentwood LRT station. We’ll have wonderful prizes, photos opportunities with members of Calgary’s Steampunk Assemblage (Steampunk club), me, and more. Hear some funny behind the scenes stories, have a chance to ask your questions, and spend a wonderful afternoon.

We’ve even got a Facebook event setup so you can get goodies along the way. I’ll be posting photos, snippets, and maybe even some videos along the way. For example, here’s a preview of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

When? Sunday, April 9th at 3pm – 4:30pm

Where? 4039 Brentwood Rd NW Calgary, Alberta T2L 1L1 Here’s the Google Map link.

What if you can’t make it and NEED to get the book that Sunday? We’ll make sure to have a few copies over at the Owl’s Nest for you, signed and everything.

Want to get involved and help with the launch? I’ve got a form for that!

Got a question, comment, thought? Comment below or on this form.

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