Getting Unstuck (for authors)

Two author friends of mine were pretty down. They’ve been feeling locked out by their muse. One even broke down in front of their words-less screen. Why does this happen and how to you get out of that rut? Well, I share a few things I’ve learned along the way.

6 thoughts on “Getting Unstuck (for authors)

  1. Jess Alter

    Thank you so much for putting this up, Adam.

    I’ve got massive burnout, as I’ve been whinging about on my own blog. In watching your video log entry, I realized that some changes I made to produce all the way to publication clearly made me sick of something that had been an unending wellspring for decades.

    Watching got me thinking that it may not be writing but writing in a world that wore me out in 2016 after missing a self-imposed deadline by over a year.

    So, I’m going to use a few of these–especially starting with your ‘Inspiring Change’ suggestions to whet my imagination and let my inner world get inspired by the outer one.

    Loved your video entry, though the segue music is really loud compared to your voice in this particular one. (Yeah, yeah. I know. It can’t be Alter if there’s no bitchin’. . . )

    Have a fabulous day, and congratulations on the two upcoming April releases!

    1. adamdreece Post author

      I’m not sure what happened with the segue music. Sorry about that. I’m learning! Glad the content could help.

  2. Hope

    Hey Adam, it’s Hope. If you don’t remember me I was at Owls Nest for the book 1 of The Yellow Hoods book club. I had all four books and bought Snappy and Dashing and got them all signed by you with your special signing pen. And I also went to the book release of the Man of Cloud 9. Suggested maybe a cat in one of the Yellow Hoods books. I will be expecting Puss in boots to show up in book five. A lot of people are interested in the books ever since I did a presentation on them. I wasnt that interested after the first book to read the second so I didn’t. A year later I decided to try again and read the second, third and fourth books in about two weeks. I really enjoyed them and are expecting book five to come to Owls nest on release date. I even had my sister make me my very own yellow hood, just like Elly’s!

    1. adamdreece Post author

      Hi Hope! I remember you! Wow, thanks for sharing that. And I will tell you, that Elly DOES run into a black cat in book 5. It’s a little scene, but I’ve got a sneaking suspicion it starts her love affair with that feline that’s going to have a nod to Puss in Boots at some time in the future.

      I’ve just posted the details for the launch event on Facebook and at the Yellow Hoods page here on my website

      It’s an open invitation, so everyone is welcome and costumes are MORE than welcome!

  3. Hope

    Hey Adam! If you don’t remember me I’m from book club at Owls Nest. I also came to book release of the Man of Cloud 9. I suggested a possible cat? The person behind me suggested Puss in Boots for the Yellow Hoods. I am now expecting him to show up somewhere. I just would like to make note of a few things I would like you to know. I didn’t actually read book two until November 2016. I read book two, Snappy and Dashing, book three and book four in about two weeks. I had to do a book report presentation so I did the whole Yellow Hoods series. We had to do a creative representation so what would be better to represent the Yellow Hoods creatively than to make your very own life sized yellow hood! It was the first thing I thought of. My sister made it for me, and I wore it for the rest of the week, including that day. And the week after that too! I am expecting book five of the Yellow Hoods to be at Owls nest on April 22 2017.

    1. adamdreece Post author

      The book will be released on April 7th, and our launch event is on Sunday, April 9th. Owl’s Nest will be hosting but it won’t be at the Owl’s Nest this time.


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