The Wizard Killer Season 2 – Ep12

Welcome to the beginning of Season 2 of The Wizard Killer.

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Season 2 – Episode 12

The five soldiers take up their positions, their lightning rifles all pointing at me. Their weapons crackle with blue, yellow, or red electricity. Half of them have armored plates hovering over various parts of their body.

The acolyte steps off the edge of the building, white wisps of air underneath their feet.

The confident position and look in each of their eyes tells me they’ve been working together for a while. Everyone knows their role, everyone knows how this is supposed to go down.

The sound of weapons firing in the background tells me that at least one of my co-conspirators is giving them a challenge. Sadly, I don’t care which one because I know it won’t make a difference.

It takes me a few seconds, but I figure out which of the soldiers is the captain. He’s second to the end on the right. Perfect.

I watch as the orb arcs in the air, finally turning to head back towards me.

One of the soldiers turns to see what I’m looking at. I can feel the squad’s irritation at the newbie’s lack of discipline.

The captain barks and the newbie smartens up. Every soldier has the same dead-eye’d expression. Their devotion to hierarchy almost makes them Oners, at least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

I open my hand, sweat dripping off the edge of my nose. My eyes are focused on the orb as it speeds towards me.

My body’s rebelling with everything it’s got. My stomach’s sending volleys up my throat which I won’t let out, my face is twitching nervously, and there’s a tremor that runs through me. Sorry, but I’m jumping off the cliffs of insanity.

I spring towards the captain and drop to my knees, one hand open and down low.

Everyone moves and yells at me to freeze.

I put my other hand out, fingers spread apart. Then it happens.

The orb strikes the captain right in the back of the neck, emitting a sickening crack as his head bends unnaturally.

The sense of confusion among the soldiers is immediately palatable. Everyone turns to look at the one I figure’s the next in command.

Snapping into my hand, I throw the orb again and drop to the ground in front of the next in line. I shut my eyes tight and scream with my mind for the orb to return.

My heart’s beating like a rabbit’s, I can hardly breath. I don’t know why I’m doing this, but I can’t get away from the feeling it’s important.

The soldier grabs me by my hood and hauls me to my feet. He shoves a pistol into my ribs hard.

Opening my eyes, I stare at his floating armored plates. “Why do they only armor you in the front?”

The soldier’s intense stare is replaced with horror as the orb crushes the middle of his spine.

The orb rolls around the edge of his body as it finds its way to my hand. Pushing off of him, I let myself fall backwards as two soldiers fire, one of them hitting their former team mate.

I try to toss the orb again but this time, it just falls to the ground. Grabbing it as I fall to the ground, I see the acolyte land a few feet away and freeze.

“Enough of this,” she says, her voice eerie and twisted. The acolyte flicks her wrist and I’m sent spinning in the air, landing hard at the edge of the building.

I can taste blood in my mouth and I can’t see properly.

The soldiers fold-in around the acolyte who floats towards me, my level of panic rising with every inch closer she gets.

One thought keeps going through my head: She cannot get the orb. Desperate, I roll off the side of the building.

The world spins violently until I stop all of a sudden in mid-air. I’m turned over and I stare up at the acolyte who gets closer and closer.

“Hey!” I hear below me.

I crane my neck. It’s the woman from earlier, my co-conspirator. I toss her the orb.

To my surprise, it makes it to her.

The acolyte lets go of me and runs after her on invisible stairs.

Hitting the ground hard, I get the wind knocked out of me. Yig, I don’t need this. Pushing myself up on my hands and knees, the world spinning, I grab onto a garbage can and then a doorframe.

I stagger for the first few steps but then I regain my balance. I should take off, but that woman’s dead. Like a lunatic, I chase after the acolyte.

Arriving in the nick of time, I find the woman in a dead-end alley, the acolyte taking the final step to the ground.

Spotting me, I point at the floating city.

The woman throws the orb.

At first, it starts going up, and then arcs straight into the hand of the acolyte. She then points at the woman with her other hand, making her burst into flames so fierce it knocks me to the ground.

The acolyte pulls me into the air. A tendril from the robe reaches over and pulls my hood back. What new horror is this?

“How could you get involved in this? How could any one?” yells the acolyte. “Our cause is righteous.”

The robe’s hood parts, revealing a beautiful, dark-skinned woman with blond hair. She stares deeply into my eyes, and I feel the fury and disappointment.

“The Wizard’s building a bomb. It will one day—”

“It doesn’t matter. Whatever you have to say, it is his Oneness’s prerogative,” she says, the edges of her mouth curled up in a snarl.

My body starts to heat up.

“I need to know everything,” she says as she places a hand on my forehead. I notice she has the orb in the other.

Pain erupts from everywhere.

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