And Amazon did nothing to make it right

It’s no great surprise when a large corporation like Amazon does something wrong, and even admits to it, that they don’t do anything to truly remedy the situation. I had hope that they would, but clearly, it was misplaced.

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages lately, people asking me if after the whole Amazon Incident (video 1 & 2, and the original blog entry) where Amazon actually had someone contact me and apologize for their internal error that resulted in nuking my eBooks out of their system, stripping away my best-seller flags, and crushing the reader moment I had going… if they had made good on fixing things. And the answer is a very simple, no.

They didn’t come forward with any proposals, so I sent two simple ones. One being for them to give me some credit on their advertising system. You’ve got to love the clinical nature of an email that says “We have decided to decline your requests” and stops there.

At least they are paying me a portion of the royalties I earned that month. This might be striking you as a “THEY HAVE TO!” but I’ve seen mention online of them not doing that, i.e. confiscating a month of royalties.

And then there’s the two kindle users who informed me (and note this is AFTER my books have been restored to Amazon) that my books were no longer available on their cloud tab of their devices. In one case, it was on the device but no longer in the cloud, and for the other person? All they had was a purchase receipt. Did I mention they’d bought the books over a year ago? When I asked Amazon, they said they never touch books once people have bought them. Given their internal communication issue that led to my books being nuked and all of that, I’m inclined to think that there’s a real possibility that more users were affected like these two.

So people have asked me, where does this leave me? Did I go back into Kindle Unlimited? Given that there are no new protections in place, going back into Kindle Unlimited would be a “first time, shame on you. second time, shame on me” situation. Knowing what I know now, knowing that for probably $5-$20 bucks someone could nuke me? No, thanks. Instead, I’ve been getting my books on every other platform that’s got any weight.

It’s frustrating, it’s sad, but I’m not going to abandon ship. I’ve had a set back, and that means I need to be twice as focused as I get my next two books ready to release in April. I’ve done two interviews with reporters in the past week, so I hope to see this get some more press than the initial radio interviews I did.

And to everyone who has reached out, whether in support, sharing their stories, or with questions, it’s always great to hear from you.

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