The Return to Kindle Unlimited?

Surprised? Well, there’s a story and a journey here. If nothing else, the world of Indie Publishing is very much about adjusting strategies over time, like me being on Facebook. November 12th is the day when all of The Yellow Hoods books will only be available on Kindle and will be in Kindle Unlimited. “What?” Hang on, there’s more and if you’re on Kobo or Smashwords, don’t panic.

The Exodus, Once Again

In March 2015, I decided to get out of KDP Select (for the 2nd time). Kindle Unlimited was just coming in, and I decided to give a solid push to going “wide” (i.e. all platforms). Since then I’ve sold about 120 books on Kobo (it’s nice that it gives me a total), some on Smashwords (maybe about 40?), some on Barnes & Noble (25 maybe?), and a few on iBooks (4?).

I left KDP Select because I wasn’t getting any traction, and believed that I could do as well on other platforms. At first, I was more than making up for the slow sales I was getting by being in KDP Select. Once again, there was the challenge of trying to promote all of the other platforms, or picking my favorites and simply allowing my books to be available elsewhere (which is what I did).

For a while, it looked like The Wizard Killer would be my first multi-platform hit that would just keep selling, but that slowed to a trickle after a good multi-month run.

Lessons Learned

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at the changes in reader habits, taking with people at book signings and conventions, and trying everything I could to connect with Kobo, iBook, Nook and Smashword readers online. I watched whenever I put ads in email newsletters at the number of clicks on the Amazon (hundreds) and all others (zero to one).

In recent months I’ve been talking with some author friends about their experiences, trying to figure out what’s working for them and what could possibly work for me. Then last night I talked with a friend, and she gave me some advice that just pushed me over the edge. I have a new strategy I need to try to reach new readers, and I’m going after it.


Don’t worry. Firstly, you’ve got until November 12th to grab the books you don’t already have. Secondly, my plan is to come out of KDP Select after the 3 month cycle, offer the books on all platforms for 2 or 3 weeks, and then return to KDP Select. This also means it’ll be worth paying attention to the newsletter and social media to see when the next “available everywhere” period is.

Also, The Man of Cloud 9 and The Wizard Killer will remain on all current platforms, at least until August 2017.

Planning and Planning

If Year Three as an Indie Author has taught me anything, it’s that I’m starting to look at some things long term and see how different books and offerings need to have different homes. That means in terms of serials versus novels, as well as indie versus traditional publishing.


As always, I’ll be sharing how things go and where I’m at along the way. Nothing’s forever, but standing still won’t get me to the next level.

You can still grab my books on Kobo, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon of course.

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