Be part of the launch of The Man of Cloud 9

I’m making this the biggest book launch that I’ve done to date, and I’d like you to be a part of it. Below I break down the different ways that you can be a part of the launch:


  • Come to the launch event (if you’re in Calgary) Friday, Sept 30th, from 7-9pm, at Owl’s Nest Books.
  • Come to the Facebook event (stay tuned for the date, most likely Saturday, Oct 1st at 8pm Mountain. Join my Facebook page and newsletter for the latest)
  • Listen to Science Fiction Cantina with host S. Evan Townsend on September 30th at 4pm! (link coming!)
  • Periscope or Facebook Live anyone? If you’d like to have an opportunity to ask me live questions with live responses, let me know!
  • More coming…




I’m working with a wonderful local bookstore called Owl’s Nest Books, here in Calgary. This independent store has been so supportive of me right from the early days. They’re quarter-backing the pre-orders of the hardcover, and their numbers role up to the local paper (Calgary Herald) for their weekly top 10 best-sellers. Can we make the book number 1? Every pre-order and purchase from Owl’s Nest on Friday, Sept 30th through to Sunday, October 2nd will count!

This is my first ever hardcover, and it will only be available from places that order directly from me, or from me at conventions, etc. And when the 1500 of them are gone, the plan is to only offer paperback. That’s it. There is a simultaneous paperback release (as well as eBook) available on Amazon and elsewhere, but there’s nothing like a first ever, signed hardcover.

Owl’s Nest Books has The Man of Cloud 9 for $29.99 (CAD). Shipping is $11 (CAD, to the US and Canada). Add any other book, and it’s only an extra $1 for shipping. Here’s the mini-Kickstarter levels I’ve come up with:

  1. Order The Man of Cloud 9 hard cover and any other book of mine (or a second copy) and get a free Snappy and Dashing while my supply lasts (I have about 25 left). Can we make The Wizard Killer a best-seller as well as The Man of Cloud 9?
  2. 10 pre-order milestone, I will include a set of The Yellow Hoods, The Wizard Killer and The Man of Cloud 9 bookmarks.
  3. 25 pre-order milestone, I will ALSO send you a postcard of the cover of The Man of Cloud 9*
  4. 50 pre-order milestone, I will ALSO send you a postcard of the cover of The Wizard Killer*
  5. 60 pre-order milestone, I will ALSO send you a postcard of the ‘not yet publicly revealed’ Book 5 of The Yellow Hoods*
  6. 100 pre-order milestone, I will ALSO bind and send out the 20k words cut out of the book (raw). It all deals with Arju (a software developer).*
  7. More? Let’s see what happens. Stay tuned!

The asterisks * means that I may need to mail that to you 2-4 weeks after the book has shipped, depending on how late we hit that goal. All orders need to be in by September 30th to qualify!

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