What The Flash should do with Captain Cold

I love Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold. When he first appeared, I thought he was a bit cheesy for about 5 seconds, and then I was pulled right into the character. When he was on DC Legends of Tomorrow, he was pretty much the only reason my wife and I watched… *sorta spoiler ahead* and then what happened, happened.

Growing up, I was never a fan of the Flash. Though I was more of a Marvel guy, I didn’t regularly collect Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Justice Society of America and other DC titles. When The Flash TV show came out years ago (the original one), I watched it faithfully, as cheesy as it was. When the Grant Gustin version of the tv show was announced, I didn’t expect it to become my favorite show.

As we wait eagerly for Season 3 and the Flashpoint storyline, I’m excited. In particular, I’m hoping that they’ll do one thing that was done in the comics, have Citizen Cold, the hero. It would be a great opportunity to bring Miller’s Cold back, and to show his struggles on the other side of the hero/villain line, the hero who doesn’t feel completely worthy. Will it happen? I have no clue, but it would be an awesome opportunity.

With all the amazing things have been announced for The Flash, I’m hoping they don’t get watered down as the writers focus on the grand-incorporation of Supergirl into the universe. Fingers crossed.

If you wanted to hear from the cast regarding the next season, here’s a video. Just skip ahead about a minute.

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