No, Rotten Tomatoes is not anti-DC Movies…

The Internet is a strange place these days. Fanaticism is running high, and just about everyone who is not getting their way is claiming that the voting system is rigged. There’s more distilled rage happening online as small pockets of people who are incapable of intellectual discourse, try to fight the grand-conspiracy which is anything and everything they don’t like.

Marvel learned a lot from failure. Whether that’s the 3rd Raimi Spider-man movie, or the X-Men movies, as well as the post-Keaton Batman movies (which shall not be named or confirmed as existing). They created Marvel Studios, but they had some hits and misses (Iron Man 2, Hulk movies, Thor 2) but people don’t often think of those things because they see the successes.

On the DC front, if you’re paying attention, you see them trying to change to have the same model as Marvel Studios, but that takes time. Why do this? Because they see what’s happening to their movies.

I think the pounding that the DC movies are taking are based on three fundamental points:

  1. They are adult movies, despite trying to sell toys to children at Toys’r’Us. These are confused movies on so many levels. They don’t go deep enough to really be adult, and whenever the plot holes start showing the story fabric to be horribly thin, everything starts exploding. Fanboys might like that, for the most part, but everyone else?
  2. They have no inspiration or hope. We are living in violent, uncertain times and what we need are movies that show us that we can rise above it. The Marvel movies have been doing that, the DC movies have not.
  3. They are rushed, hot messes when they come to story. They come across as if they are entitled to success, and when they don’t get it, they’re stunned.

It’s been pretty clear since BvS was in production, that people higher up at DC see this, and they are trying to change it. Just look at what’s been said about the upcoming Justice League movie, and how they are going to try and lighten the tone (good luck, that’ll be a real challenge).

Bad movies deserve to get bad ratings. If directors were hired who can’t see the key nature of these characters and their need to inspire, and instead want to show dark and twisted tales, then they deserve what they get.

Now, Wonder Woman looks like it’ll be the first of the NEXT generation of DC movie. Fingers crossed that they pull it off. I’m confident in a Ben Affleck Batman movie too. The rest? Hmm, we’ll see.

To claim that Rotten Tomatoes, which is a critic and ratings aggregator, somehow has it in for DC is a sad sign of the times. Really, did you see how they scored Fantastic Four? And I watched it, reviewed it, and will never get those hours back… meaning it deserved that rating. They aren’t always on the nose, but I can’t buy that they are political or biased without some clear evidence. Claiming that there’s something rigged is like being a politician who won’t allow the notion that he could possibly lose, fair and square, be out there. So he constructs a conspiracy about everything being rigged. Really? Are we back in the school yard with the kid who claims that when they swung at the ball there was a sudden gust of wind that hit their eyes? How about accepting that it was just a miss, end of story.

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