Two Key Star Wars Memories

My parents will be arriving to spend the holidays with me, my wife and our three kids soon, and with Star Wars – The Force Awakens out, there were two key star wars memories that bubbled to the surface. It’s funny what we remember from being a kid, and in particular, the emotions that they leave us with.

Star Wars – A New Hope

I think I was six years old, and I’d never been to a movie before. I sat there, watching the absolutely mammoth screen at a cinema just off the Decarie in Montreal, I don’t remember the name. I don’t understand it. It was more than the movie I didn’t understand, it was movies. I’d never experienced anything like it, and I hadn’t watched much TV, so I just… did quite absorb the experience as expected. I remember there were some other people there, my dad and probably my neighbour and his dad, maybe someone else. I loved the toys though, I could make my own story with the toys.

It was interesting also in that a few years later (I think it was grade 5 or 6) at my birthday party, someone gave me a Duran Duran tape. I didn’t understand music: it’s purpose and the reason you would give someone what is on the radio. A few of my friends seem to understand it, and I found that curious.

Looking back, that feeling of the alien experience is something that I find very valuable as a writer.

Star Wars – Return of the Jedi

My mom and I were downtown, which was extremely rare. I think honestly it’s one of two memories I have of us ever being downtown. After we did whatever my mom needed us to do, we were walking by a cinema that had Return of the Jedi and I pointed it out to my mom. She knew of Star Wars, because I’d been getting the toys for a few years.

And uncharacteristically, my mom asked if I wanted to go and see the movie. I remember looking at her, in complete surprise. She’d never done anything like that before. We bought tickets and got some popcorn. I remember sneaking out of line and going and peeking into the theatre we’d be going in to. It showed the scene where Luke was at the Ewok celebration, I then felt guilty, like I was going to spoil the whole experience and went back to my mom.

When we left, I was on cloud nine and can’t remember how we got home.

Memories are funny things

When I write, I try to capture those types of moments. Those moments that really cement themselves in a person, that are alive and well and yet foggy and untouchable. As a parent, I wonder what memories I’m creating for my kids, what things will they stop and smile in thirty years time.

Do you have one or two key Star Wars memories?


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