That Moment just happened with The Man of Cloud 9

It’s weird to say that I’m writing my fifth book, sixth if you count Snappy & Dashing which was a novelette. FIFTH? My process has been write, in almost random scene order, until the story gels and I then start my 3 full revision process. It’s an exciting moment when it all holds together, when it’s not “sorta,” when it’s not “almost”, but rather when it is solid. And that moment just happened with The Man of Cloud 9.

It’s that moment that cracks my doubt into pieces, that doubt that I’m going to be able to pull it all together. Up to that point, it’s like having many scales all trying to be balanced, and balancing some tip others, and I work furiously until I’m able to get them only leaning, instead of outright tilted.

Now comes the big sigh, the scratching the head, and getting into what I’ve written. Unlike other authors, I’ve already re-written some scenes several times, or deleted some, on my road to getting it to gel. The revision process is bringing it all together, finding the missing scenes (and writing them), and making sure it’s poignant. Going through it three times from beginning to end is going to be filled with all the classic emotions from “I SUCK!” to “AWESOME” and back again. But it’s the revision process, which means that on some level, the story already works.

I’m really looking forward to sharing bits of my first science fiction novel.


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