The Yellow Hoods series Overview

On a regular basis I’ll get asked what The Yellow Hoods is about, and while it’s easy enough to answer in person, I thought I’d put this information into a post so that I can provide people the same information online. So, here is your The Yellow Hoods series overview:

You’ve heard of the series or you’ve seen some of the tweets about it, and you’re curious. This is the post that breaks it all down for you.

Firstly, there’s the book trailer:

nature_1000007885-120613intSecondly, the world:

The Yellow Hoods takes place in a world similar to our 1800s, right around the time they are inventing the first steam engine train. Rather than magic, the story has inventors and inventions at its core. Fairy tales are woven into the fabric of the series as real world events and people, such as a secret society named The Tub which is lead by a butcher, a baker and a candle-stick maker.

Thirdly, what age group is the book for?

The book has a split demographic. Nearly half (about 45%) of the audience is ages 9-15, while equal amount (another 45%) is adult, ages 28+ (oldest reader I know of is 71 years old). The book is layered and captures both the younger and older reader.

BOOK STACKFourthly, what’s the series really about?

I like to say that every fairy tale starts off with a seemingly innocent beginning, and that’s very much where the series starts, with Along Came a Wolf. The trio of twelve-year-olds, Tee, Elly and Richy, find themselves thrust into a danger when their innocent little lives in a small mountain town is smashed by the reality of the world at large.

The trio grows up quickly, and is surrounded by a cast of characters in their 20-30s as well as senior characters like Nikolas Klaus who also grow and change significantly over time.

The tale continues from one book to the next, though book 2 can be read as the primary beginning with book 1 as a prequel, or the other way around. The current story arc is expected to end in book 5, with 1-3 more books to follow before jumping 10 years for multiple other series in the same world.

Fifthly, parent, librarian & teacher information

There is no graphic violence, though there is cinematic violence (fight scenes, chases). There is no real profanity, i.e. in book 3 words like Yig and Pargo are introduced that represents profanities in their world. There is no sexual content at all.

The vocabulary level, according to some teacher friends of mine, is grade 4 for book 1, grade 5 for book 2, and grade 6 for books 3 onwards. The concepts and ideas within the stories allow for younger readers to be “like skipping stones over the deeper story.” This series has become a favorite among advanced readers, as well as among families where kids and parents or grandparents will be able to read the same series, have fun, and be able to discuss what they saw.

Sixthly, diversity and character

The series has a range of nationalities represented. Some highlights here are: one of the trio is gay, which is treated as an attribute of the character and not as a “defining element” of the character. Richy is “Asian” and adopted. Mounira is a young amputee and refugee, introduced in book 2, who makes the trio into a quartet. Alex is introduced in book 4 and is from a country inspired by elements of Nigeria and Russia.

Seventhly, what about reviews and acclaim?

There are over 100 written reviews (for book 1) on and other reviews spread over,, There are also a number of bloggers who have reviewed the book as well.

Books 1 & 2 were finalists for book of the year 2015 from the Independent Author Network’s in Young Adult/Teen and Fantasy, respectively.

Lastly, where can you get the books?

The print books are available from Ingram, making them able to be ordered from any bookstore globally. They are also available from, Amazon, iBooks and Kobo. Libraries and bookstores are welcome to contact us directly for purchasing, if they like. We’re able to ship stock directly, as well as address any particular needs.

By the way, you can read three chapters of book 1 – Along Came a Wolf & book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail free!

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