SaskExpo 2015 – The Day Before

I’m excited. SaskExpo starts the second half of the year in terms of Con seasons for me. As I started to put my booth together this afternoon after a 7 hour drive, I thought of where I was in my indie author career this time last year. SaskExpo 2014, which was the inaugural year, was the first time I did a panel, and since then I haven’t been to an expo where I haven’t done at least 2 talks or panels.

Last year, my second book was just about to come out, but I had copies available for SaskExpo. It cemented The Yellow Hoods as being a series, instead of a hope to make it one.

Now, I’m a week away from Book 4 – Beauties of the Beast, being available in sneak-peek edition at EdmontonExpo. The series has been a repeated Calgary Herald best-seller, and a repeat best-seller on Amazon’s top 100 (paid) in Steampunk and Fairytale. The first two books have been finalists for Book of the Year awards in YA and Fantasy respectively. I’ve come a long way personally as well.

One thing that will forever remind me of SaskExpo 2014 was the first day of CalgaryExpo this year. The first three sales were of Book 3 and Snappy and Dashing, but more over, they were to people who had bought the first two books in Saskatoon at SaskExpo 2014. The first thing that they had done when the vendor rooms was open, was to hunt me down. I won’t forget those moments. I can’t imagine what this one has in store.

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