Taking it easy – Level 1, but I need Level 2

So we sold our house in a “bad” market, bought a house, now prepare to move, all the while getting Book 4 ready to launch, and having a slate of book signings and Cons that would make a normal grown man sit there silently, lost, unaware of a tv that is on.

I’m not panicking about writing Book 5 of The Yellow Hoods. Right now, my plan is to write that for October next year. I’m working on a novelette, called Fox Tale, which will be combined with Snappy & Dashing and another one, to form the first The Yellow Hoods – Companion Tales volume. I’m hoping to release that in April 2016.

In addition, I really want to get Torrents of Tangier OUT… geez, this thing is like that accommodating child who understands you have just a few more things to do before you can play with them, where as The Yellow Hoods series just grabs me by the collar and yells “I MUST BE DONE! I MUST!”

But overall, I feel good. I feel like I have a level of calm. I’m really looking forward to the move, even though the house will be less than 1/2 of the size of our current house, it will be very close to the kids’ new schools, and that’s important to me.

Achieving Level 1, but not Level 2 yet

Level one is about not panicking about the writing. I’m in a zone where I could decide not to put out the Companion Tales, maybe do some more bits for anthologies… I’m okay, I’m feeling good. I’ve proven to myself, with Beauties of the Beast, that I can write a book while being a full time author-preneur. Now, that might sound obvious, but it’s one thing when you have the pressure of a regular job, but when you are in complete command of your own schedule? That can be absolutely terrifying.

Level 2 is about carving out the time for things like “learning the new home finances program” that we have, because my mind doesn’t let me go there. Or reading… reading is another thing that my mind goes “but there is X and Y and Z to do.” I know, a lot of you cannot empathize with that last one, but as a dyslexic, reading takes energy. And the more “classical” in style or the “less edited”, the harder it is, never mind font size and font choice being a massive factor.

Hopefully I can get myself to Level 2 soon, and find a balance. But I have to say, so far, things are going well. Containing that panic (and trust me, it isn’t gone, it’s just not on high) is a big, big thing for me.

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