The devolution of Man of Steel 2 – in 5 steps

I had a laugh the other day as someone pointed out some great points regarding Batman v. Superman. It really shows how some people in Hollywood realized that they really did screw up the reboot of Superman, i.e. the Man of Steel. Here are the steps as I see them:

1. “We need to downplay what we did to Superman, with him having killed Zod and thousands of people. We need to put less Superman emphasis in Man of Steel 2. Oh, how about we add Batman? Remember in that other movie where there was a Superman and Batman logo? Let’s go with that idea. Everyone loves Batman.” Superman v. Batman is created. 

2. “Ah, okay, how about we switch things around, emphasize what people really like.” Title corrected to: Batman v. Superman

3. “I think we might still have too much Superman. Can we bring Wonder Woman in?” Wonder Woman added to all promos.

4. “You know, if you have lots of tomatoes but people don’t really like them, you add lots of things to the salad to dress it up.” Make Batman v. Superman a prelude to the Justice League 

5. “Let’s just park Superman in the Justice League quietly.” DC reveals a long list of movies and sequels, including a Ben Affleck stand-alone Batman movie, but no Superman movies.

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3 thoughts on “The devolution of Man of Steel 2 – in 5 steps

  1. sabot03196

    Funny. DC Films seems to be making all the wrong choices as of late.

    Justice League has been kicking around forever. It’s a real pillar to post production, nobody knows how many iterations the script has already gone through? Personally I’m tired of these blockbuster comic book movies and even the not so block buster ones. They’ve pretty much become the modern western equivalent though without the morality.

    It’s sad but pretty much none of the great films from the 70’s would have been made today.

    1. Adam Dreece Post author

      We live in a time of excess. Got something that works once? Try it again, worked again? Now make 100 of them until we drive this thing so far into the ground that people will be clambering for something else, then repeat.

      I think it also speaks to an era of believing in you are either fated to succeed or you aren’t, and that there is no heard work to earn your way out. It’s like the growing view that being poor or out of a job is a moral failing, which is beyond absurd.

      1. sabot03196

        Though to be fair, that much has never changed as far as film is concerned. The only difference is now those B and C movies are being funded and promoted at A levels.


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