NEW BLURB for Along Came a Wolf

Thanks to the awesome feedback and reaction to my post, sharing v3 of the book blurb for Along Came a Wolf. Here’s v3.1, with some awesome feedback applied.

A deadly threat comes to a small mountain town hunting for the first ever steam engine plans. Only a trio of twelve year olds (Tee, Elly and Richy) and a few friends stand in the way, unaware of the legends they would one day become. Before they’d learn of secret societies, cross paths with the Ginger Lady, or see airships rain down fiery destruction, they had to come together as the Yellow Hoods.

This seemingly innocent prequel to the darker Pieman Saga (The Yellow Hoods books 2-5) introduces the reader to a world on the verge of a Steampunk revolution (i.e. Emergent Steampunk). Our classic fairy tales are based on their real events and people, including master inventor and loving grandfather, Nikolas Klaus – part Santa Klaus, part Nikola Tesla.

A tale of gripping adventure, whimsical humor and fun. Great for kids (9+) and adults alike.

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