New Book 1 blurb – What do you think?

I’m thinking that the blurb I have for Along Came a Wolf (book 1 of The Yellow Hoods) needs a revamp. What I’ve got today is the 3rd generation, but I think given that Book 4 is done, I can help new readers have a hint of what’s to come.

Here’s the current blurb

Someone is on the hunt for the steam engine plans, and believes that master inventor, Nikolas Klaus, has them. Thought dead by most, and forgotten by many, the quiet grandfather has been living for years in the sleepy mountain town of Minette, keeping his inventions mostly to himself and watching his granddaughter grow up.

Twelve-year-old Tee, and her two best friends, Elly and Richy, come together as the heroic Yellow Hoods in the face of life threatening danger. Whose side are the Cochon brothers on, and will they tip the balance? Will Nikolas’ ties to one of the secret societies cost him Tee’s life?

The world is 1800s-eque, with a thrilling history that is discovered throughout the series. Elements of fairy-tales are woven in, as if these were the real world events that inspired the tales and rhymes we know.

The book shifts to a darker tone part way through, as the initial view of the main characters transitions from naive and simple, to realizing life is anything but. It has been called “The Kingkiller Chronicles meets the Hunger Games” and the “Harry Potter of technology.”

Here’s the new version I’ve drafted:

Before they learned of secret societies, before they’d met the Ginger Lady or the Piemans, before they’d seen airships rain down fiery destruction, a deadly threat put Tee, Elly and Richy on a path to becoming legends. When someone comes to their small mountain town in a ruthless search for steam engine plans, the innocence of their little world is shattered, and secrets are exposed.

This seemingly innocent prequel to the darker Pieman Saga (The Yellow Hoods books 2-5) introduces the reader to a world on the verge of a Steampunk revolution (i.e. Emergent Steampunk). Our classic fairy tales are based on their real events and people, including master inventor and loving grandfather, Nikolas Klaus – part Santa Klaus, part Nikola Tesla.

A tale of gripping adventure, whimsical humor and fun. Great for kids (9+) and adults alike.

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