Steampink – a Brainstormed piece

Earlier this year I’d mentioned that I’d gone to type Steampunk and found myself autocorrected to Steampink. It’s never happened since, but I tweeted about that. Instantly there were cheers among my tweeps to have me write it. Well, being on vacation, and with the story ideas for Steampink building up, I just sat down and brainstormed out the opener for it. Would it be a book? A novellette versus a novella, or maybe just a short story? I don’t know, but my gut is telling me that this would be another series.

And just before I share it, please note, this is copyright of me, Adam Dreece, 2015. I’m posting to provide a preview, and all those rights? They are still reserved. Now, without further adieu…

A brainstormed starter for: Steampink – Operation Cue, Tea, Pie

They call me Steam, the big guy in the yellow dress with the white and brown polkadots is Pink. Don’t let his six foot seven height, his crazed eyes or grizzly long beard fool you. Underneath that sweet, delicate exterior is a true onion of a woman. Touch him, and he’ll make you cry like a baby. And no grandma, I didn’t make a gender mistake there.

The huge clockwork thing I’m riding is the Beast, Pink’s is Tweedle. I didn’t start out with the Beast, but it was a hellavu upgrade. A girl learns a lot about herself and what she’s capable of when she’s running for her life from a mad scientist. I wasn’t fond of the idea of being used as a lab experiment for teleportation, especially when I could see that the guy was an idiot who wasn’t taking into account that the entire solar system was moving through space. How many cats and sheep had he just plopped into space somewhere, somewhere that the planet had been seconds before? A girl also learns to get innovate after hitting said mad scientist with a rock and stealing the portal control off his wrist, strapping it to a bicycle and well, starting her way on the grandest of adventures possible.

Traveling between flat-worlds is unbelievable. Sometimes it’s like time traveling, other times you’re left with a what the heck face that takes hours to wipe off. Sometimes we punch through parallel dimensions, other times its universes, and no, they aren’t the same thing, and no, I don’t control where we go. Twice we’ve almost got stranded, but it’s all the more motivation to be careful, smart, and quick, particularly if we’re pinching something.


“What’s that Pinky?”

“Garr funk!”

“Oh, someone popped on the vid. I’m just bringing them up to speed.”


He says hi. And yes, I can see you. Can I ask you something? We’re friends right? Great. Look, you’ve got something on your face, right beside your nose. No, I don’t know what it is, you’re in monochrome green and black. Right there… no… over, there. Good, you look fine now. It’s kind of hard to concentrate not flipping the bike while weaving in and out of  clockwork robot zombies and looking at a face on my armband that’s got something on it. This is much better.

And before I forget, only I get to call him Pinky. The last person who did got to see their arms used as tennis rackets, and that was by me, not him. We’re protective of each other. I might be small, but I’m mighty.

“Nag nar!”

“Yes, you’re mighty too, Pinky.”


“Yes, and pretty.”

Can you see that smile? He lights up a room when he does that, it’s part of his weird DNA, saves us on lanterns though. The battle axe on the back of his bike is really for show, he’s too sweet to use it. He really likes the handheld phase cannon we just stole, but we’re not sure how many shots it has left.

Now, if you don’t mind, the portal thing is just about charged, and we’ve got to jump. See you in a few.

( So, what did you think? Comment or tweet or post or otherwise let me know? – Adam)

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