I needed that

I just got the type of phone call that wrestles everything else going on in your head to the ground and then drops an anvil on it.

If you read Derailment, then you know part of what’s going on. In addition to some other fun stuff, there’s the intense, stabbing abdominal pain that decided to start hitting me in waves since yesterday at an intensity level of 4 out of 5. This is a chronic condition I have, but usually it’s between a 1-3. Level 4 is eyes watering, jaw clenched, mood very very sharp, fists pounding on things and that’s thanks to the extra-strength pain meds in my system.

So with my boys put to bed, my phone rang.

It was the consignment manager from the big box bookstore I was at yesterday doing a signing. Firstly, he had screwed up the schedule and had me accidentally scheduled for May 21st and 30th, instead of March 21st and May 30th. However, I’d been so professional, so confident that no one had said a word when I’d been there.

Then he really made me smile, he said that the feedback from the customers and staff regarding me was so tremendous that he had to pick up the phone and thank me for coming. Added to that was his amazement at my having sold 24 books.

I think he thanked me about three times before we ended the couple of minutes long call.

The pain might still be there, but my mood is notably better.

Hopefully I have some luck this week as I have 6 signings in the next 7 days (March break + March madness => March Break MADNESS!).

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