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Luther Siler’s one of the authors I met early in my Twitter life, and he’s someone I’ve come to think of as a friend. He’s got a sense of humour and way of looking at the world that I wanted to help get out there. So, here he is.
Hi.  I’m Luther Siler.  Well, technically I’m not– it’s a pen name.  But you can call me Luther anyway.  I’m more Luther Siler than anyone else is, at any rate.  I have his Facebook and everything!  I also write books.  I have two available right now, and a third coming out very soon.  Scary soon, actually.

But let me back up a bit.  Let’s take a paragraph to get to know each other.Luther Siler
Anyway, Adam, for reasons that surely have nothing to do with the vast amount of money he owes me, has decided to give me a bit of space on his blog to talk about myself.  Apparently he thinks that you might find me interesting.  (He owes me SO MUCH money!)  A bit about me, before we get into my books:  I’m a middle school educator (I have to phrase it that way because this year I work in the office; I’m sort of an assistant principal, but not really) and I also work at a miniature golf course during the outdoor months.  I live in northern Indiana, which I understand is somehow hotter than Calgary during the summer AND colder than Calgary during the winter.  This seems unfair.  I share a house with my wife Becky, my son Kenny, a large dog, and two small cats, which also sometimes seems unfair.  I blog at about whatever strikes my mind to blog about, and I mostly know Adam through my Twitter account, @nfinitefreetime.
Right, the books.  My novel SKYLIGHTS is currently Amazon-exclusive, and is available both digitally and in print here:
It’s about Mars.  Specifically, it’s about the human race’s SECOND trip to Mars, because … well, the first one didn’t quite work out as well as everyone had hoped.  Things happen.  Impossible things.  Sciencey things.  Also there’s a monkey.  If you read Andy Weir’s excellent THE MARTIAN but thought it had too much math in it, you’ll probably love SKYLIGHTS.
My other book is technically a novella, composed of six short stories, one of which is substantially longer than the others.  It’s called THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES and you can get it from Amazon digitally right here:  OR! If you don’t want to spend money, you can get it completely for free from Smashwords here:
It’s free everywhere you can download ebooks except for Amazon, actually.  Amazon won’t let me make it free there.
If you liked STAR WARS, you’ll like THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES.  If you liked THE HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, but thought it needed a few more swears, you’ll like THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES.  If you like Brian K. Vaughan’s SAGA (Brian actually inspired the book, believe it or not) or you watched FIREFLY or you played D&D, you’ll like THE BENEVOLENCE ARCHIVES.
Gnomes.  In space.  With halfogre gladiators who wear reading glasses on their down-time.  It’s free because I suspect that initially it sounds ridiculous, but I love these characters and I love this series and I think you’ll like it too.  And, if you do?  The real reason Adam’s letting me do this is that the second BA book, THE SANCTUM OF THE SPHERE, comes out on April 28th.  This one’s a full-length novel and will be available digitally and in print– and the print edition will contain the entire text of BA 1 as a bonus.
You can pre-order SANCTUM here:
And you can tell Goodreads you pre-ordered it here:
Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 8.12.59 AM
[ Adam’s Note: Luther’s blog is fun and worth checking out on a regular basis. He blogs almost as much as I tweet, which is saying something. As for  that money he claims he owes me, I never claimed that the vial contained actual super soldier serum.
Also, these are on my reading list when I get to the summer as they sound like a LOT of fun.]

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