Creating Memories

Years ago I started writing into a letter to my daughter, shortly before she was born. I wanted to capture part of the journey of me as a parent. Then when my son was born, I added to that letter parts that were for him. Then when my second son was born, I added a few parts for him, but my additions to that letter have become fewer and farther between.

This weekend my preschooler son and I did something I never did with my dad, we went on a road trip. A simple over-night trip, hoping over the border into Montana for the first time, and what an adventure it was for him. First there was all the anticipation, then the start of the event, and now we’re past the half-way point.

As a father, it’s great to see. He’s skipping down hallways filled with joy, he’s loved meeting some friends for the first time, and it’s given us some time to just hang out without the distractions of his two siblings.

As a writer, it’s great as well. Whenever I’m digging deep to try and create a moment in my books, I need real life events to pull from. Seeing the joy in his face, seeing the sparks going off in his mind, it inspires me. I think it’s also important to unplug in the middle of what’s an extremely busy three month run, to just breath.

I look forward to more of these moments with my little buddy. I wonder if these memories will inspire him to do the same with his kids one day.

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