Quit while you’re ahead – A Funny Bit

This is one of those silly conversations that happen in my head that I shared with my daughter and I had her in stitches. Folks like me need to get these out, otherwise we can’t move on with the other things.

So here is that conversation. Enjoy.

This is a dialogue, the writer is prefaced with W- and the publisher with P-

W- “So here it is. The hero goes up against the villain, right, and the villain kills him.”

P- “Okay, I like it, but I need a bit more. What happens to the villain?”

W- “Happens? Ah, right, so the villain, he feels REALLY guilty.”

P- “Okay, okay, I’m liking this and then what happens?”

W- “Then he becomes…he becomes a hero! Because…ah…because he just feels SO guilty at having cut one down. Yes, he becomes a hero!”

P- “A redemption story, great! I love those. Then what happens?”

W- “He travels around, and does good, and then…THEN he goes up against his greatest foe, the new villain.”

P- “Wonderful, I can see it in my mind. I’m loving this. And then?”

W- “And the villain kills him!”

P- “Wooo. Didn’t see that coming.”

W- “Wait, and then THAT villain, he feels HORRIBLY guilty for having killed a villain who had become a hero after killing a hero.”

P- “I’m listening.”

W- “So with TWO HEAPING servings of guilt on him, he becomes a hero!”

P- “Wow, so a double play on the redemption story? Nice.”

W- “Yes! AND THEN…”

P- “Now we’re cooking!”

W- “Then THAT Villain who is a hero, goes up against an even newer villain and in the final moments he’s killed! And then THAT villain, he has THREE HEAPING SERVINGS of guilt–“

P- “Can we sign a three book deal, today?”


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