Snappy & Dashing – First cut of blurb

I love getting feedback from you guys, it truly helps not just make whatever I put before you better, but it makes me better and creating. Here’s my first cut of the blurb (well, third but the others were really crappy) for Snappy & Dashing!

Wait, you don’t know what Snappy & Dashing is? Okay, let’s cover that first.

What is it?

Snappy & Dashing is an experiment of mine. It’s a novelette (about 8000 words) that follows Richelle Pieman right after the end of Book 2 – Breadcrumb Trail. It’s not required reading for fans before reading book 3, but it will certainly add some extra colour and depth to it. It’s the first in what I’m calling the Yellow Hoods Companion Tales. These are one off tales, allowing me to dive a bit deeper or take deleted scenes and turn them into something you, the reader, can still enjoy.

The Blurb! (v1.1)

Richelle was raised by her grandfather, leader of the new Fare and genius, Marcus Pieman. She has become a formidable force, and her ambitious plays in the grand game have not gone unnoticed by her grandfather. As she returns from having dealt the Tub a potentially mortal  blow at the end of Breadcrumb Trail ( The Yellow Hoods #2), she expects to get back to paperwork and politics, only to find that someone is interested in taking her out. Has Marcus had enough of her antics as he tries to hurry his final plans, or is someone else making a move to deal the Piemans a serious blow? Who is the man from Richelle’s past and which master does he serve? Learn more about the Piemans’ plans and what Marcus sees as the key to the future!

Follow Richelle Piemen in this exciting novelette! This short book contains no spoilers for All the King’s-Men (The Yellow Hoods #3). Welcome to the first of the Yellow Hoods Companion Tales.

So what do you think? Does it grab you? Let me know! Leave a comment or tweet me or post to my FB page (I promise to check it)

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    1. Adam Dreece Post author

      Thanks. You had me scared for a minute that this was on the cover-reveal blog post, but when I re-read the back cover, it wasn’t there. PHEW.

      Thanks though, I appreciate you bringing this up!


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