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I was tagged by the amazing and wondrous Susan Kicklighter to list My 7 Favorite Screen Characters. Are you ready? No? Oh, okay. I’ll wait… Oh, I was warming up some pie. Ice cream? All better now? Great.

HarrisonWells1. Harrison Wells, Flash

I have to say that The Flash has quickly become a show I love, but thirdly for Grant Garrison. The number one, far and away, is Tom Cavanagh’s Harrison Wells character.  If I could have ANYONE play Abeland Pieman in a movie or TV series of The Yellow Hoods, it’s this guy.

JoeWest2. Joe West, Flash

I loved Jesse L. Martin when he was on Law & Order, so seeing him on The Flash, and feeling the gravity that man brings to the role, I love it. I love the character, it’s rare to have two from the same series for me.

Gladiator3. Maximus, The Gladiator

Do I have to explain anything about why Maximus is still cool so many years later? I don’t think so. Integrity, loyal, honour, and a story about falling from grace, rising up and being the martyr of change.

BlackWidow6-Avengers4. Black Widow, Avengers

Now you might be thinking, I thought I read once upon a time, back when Adam used to do blog entries for #AskDreeceAnything that he thought SJ was…aesthetically highly pleasing. Well, that has nothing to do with this.

I actually loved the portrayal of the Black Widow (I’m a big comic book fan) and what it is to be an elite spy standing amongst gods. She’s confident but aware of her limits, and knows that it’s smarts and timing that are needed to survive.

…and it’s SJ.

professor-x5. Professor X, X-Men

6. Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek Next Generation

Professor X for the embodiment of strength through an intent of non-violence and loyalty to a philosophy. Jean-Luc because of strength and dude, you Borg’ed & came back.

Felicity_Smoak7. Felicity Smoak, Arrow

Genius software hacker with a strong personality, who is both snarky and representing the fear that everyone would have in the situations that she’s in. How can you not love her?


Alright, those are my favorites and it tells you tons about me as I currently am.

Now, I’m tagging the friends and writers below. Would love to know their favorites and yours!

Paul Jenny


Niko Star

Matt King

Debi V. Smith

Debbie O’Reiley


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