Week 2 of being a Full Time Author

I went into Week 1 of being a full time author with a plan, so how did that plan do? What did I accomplish versus what I thought I would? Too ambitious? Not ambitious enough?

And what about week 2? Let’s break some stuff down

Note pad

The Plan

I had a plan, and you know what, I got pretty much everything on that plan done except for two key things:

1. I didn’t get as much writing as I wanted done, but I made that up on the weekend and completed the short story (novelette really) about Richelle Pieman.

2. I didn’t get as much reading done as I’d wanted. This had a lot to do with having had disturbed sleep (because of two wonderful little boys who took turns waking daddy in the middle of the night, every night, for 6 nights in a row). Being a dyslexic, it takes extra energy to read and while I moved ahead in the ARC of my good friend Angela Caldwell’s The Last Order, I had hoped to finish the book this week.

Laptop And Tick Showing Online SuccessWhat worked?

Having a written checklist of things that I wanted to have done for each day, as well as for the week, really helped get me focused. Already having two meetings booked, one with a big box store, another with a high-school principal, also helped. It made it all feel like I wasn’t starting flatfooted, but rather continuing from the last year, which it was.

Even with that however, there were a few moments where I felt temporarily lost, or got that panicky feeling that I wasn’t writing. In those moments I reminded myself that being a successful author is a lot more than writing, and I was taking care of all of those things.

What didn’t work?Doctor with red glossy check mark

There were two real life networking events that I was planning on going to. One had waited until last Saturday to announce their venue, only for me to discover that two days later all the seats were claimed and I couldn’t go. Rookie mistake, I’ll meet up with them next month.The other one I couldn’t make because of a side-effect of too little sleep.

One thing that was challenging for me was that my pre-schooler son wanted me to play with him more. I found it hard to properly judge how much time I would need for tasks at hand, and didn’t manage his expectations as well as I should have. I’m sure I’ll do better next week.

2014-09-19 18.05.36A New Best Practice?

It’s a long road I’m going down, the road to the successful indie author. This is week one, and as I mentioned in the lead up to this, it wasn’t Plan A.

Knowing that there are going to be moments where I’ll likely lose faith, or wonder what I should be doing, or if I’m really getting anywhere, I wanted to have something concrete that I could look at to remind myself of how each week has gone. On Friday night, I took out a notebook and wrote down my accomplishments, my challenges and my ‘didn’t get done’ for the week. One page, the front for the accomplishments, the back split for the other two. No spill over. Just keeping it simple and concise. If I have more accomplishments and not enough room, great. If I’m not filling the page, that’s something else.

I’m hoping that this will allow me to see patterns, as well as remember what I’ve done. Will it work? We’ll see, but at the very least, it’ll serve as my travel log on this crazy journey.

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