To the Tribe

It’s the night before Christmas, and my videos won’t work,

with a cold on top of everything, it’s driving me berserk.

The children are screaming, needing attention one and all,

but this was a task I didn’t want to let fall.

Though with words I can turn on a dime,

it was not my intention to do this in rhyme.

Some of you I’ve only known for weeks,

we are a fun assortment of misfits and geeks.

From Sonya and Mia with energy on MAX,

to Jason, Alice and the Debbies with their witty cracks,

and Paul and Larry from NYC,

who have brought some acting & wisdom for more than just me.

There’s Meimei, whose the one I refer to in Japanese,

and Matt, Doug and Dylan whose jokes sometimes have cheese.

There’s Rob who was responsible for Chuck,

and whose camaraderie I’m still surprised by, I guess it was luck.

Angelina’s found her way into book 3,

if you’re jealous, don’t worry, there’s more of you, you’ll see.

Maria is the master of hamsters and space,

and Niko has cute robots all over the place.

There’s Jennie and Janna and Jenna and more,

my wife’s name is Jen, is there a Jen store?

Angela is a fiery warrior writer who I find great,

and her book’s on my reading list, without any debate.

I could go one, but I’m afraid to say,

my rhyming would crash and leave you with dismay.

Each of our tribes might have some more, or less,

but in each of them are the people who we know are the best.

They are the sisters and brothers whose advice we heed,

the friends who lift us up in our times of true need.

You’ve done that for me, and you cheer me on,

dusting me off when my faith is all gone.

From a Canuck to you others from all over the Earth,

Have a wonderful Christmas, and plenty of merth

– Adam

4 thoughts on “To the Tribe

  1. Laurence Lau (@Laurencelau10)

    That is a wonderful poem, put a huge smile on my face, thank you Adam, for being my new friend. Hope you have a great day with your family. L.


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