Why I Love Being Indie – 4 Things

Christina L. Rozells brought up a great idea, of having other Indie authors post “Why I Love Being Indie”, as a followup to her post.

Here are my top 4

1. Book production is MY problem

Wait, what? Oh yeah. Yesterday I was talking with an author who had a small press publisher. He went to an event in August, and the books were supposed to arrive, and didn’t. He had another event in October, and the books didn’t arrive. The publisher is all quiet about what’s going on, and he has no control.

I nearly didn’t have my 2nd book for its launch event, but I was able to pivot and get some shipped from an emergency, secondary printer. I didn’t have to go up the chain, I didn’t have anyone to deal with other than myself. That freedom to respond to problems is a great power, and a great responsibility.

2. Innovation

I’ve been able to offer my books as a bundle to help a company raise money for their United Way campaign. It’s raised over $120 dollars and introduce my books to people at Christmas time that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

3. My Timeline

Publishers, big or small, have to consider the other books they are launching or promoting. They’ve got to look at it as a portfolio that they are putting forward. Sometimes a book can be pushed back because it’s in conflict with other elements of that portfolio. I’ve watched one author’s book get pushed back 6 months at what seemed to be the last minute.

I get to release the books when I deem they should be released. The portfolio of works, are mine.

4. Listen, Learn, Pivot

When a Tweep suggested some changes to my book description to make it more punchy, I listened, read what they had, took inspiration from it and came up with something even better. It was implemented within an hour of the initial suggestion. The feedback was great.

Another example is I had a reader who bought my ebooks the day before they went on sale and she was really bummed by it. I reached out to her, made her an offer for signed copies, and turned her from feeling down to feeling over the moon.


There are a lot of responsibilities we take on as Indie Authors, and some of then are pointed out here, the post that got this started: https://clrozelle.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/10-things-that-suck-and-rock-about-being-an-indie-author-part-1/

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