Answers to October Ask Dreece Anything

Here they are, Answers to the October Ask Dreece Anything (on Twitter). Here are serious and silly questions, all of which I try to answer in an entertaining and informative way. Enjoy. Here’s the link to the August Ask Dreece Anything and the July’s Ask Dreece Anything.

September slipped by because of my travel schedule, so here’s the October edition!

The questions are grouped (randomly) by Twitter handle. This time Facebook questions were allowed from The Yellow Hoods fan page, but none were received.

From @SheSings

Q: There’s a song out there that would be used as THE key song in a biopic about your life; what is it?

Someone I considered a close friend many years ago gave me the first Counting Crows album, and told me to listen to Mr. Jones. Within a couple of months, he revealed one night when visiting me at university how he’d hated me for years and had tried to damage me in a number of places. He could great joy in revealing this to me. The next morning, when he left, I got my first earring to remind me every day when I look in the mirror that I will always have some people who get intensely jealous of me.

Even though it’s about 20 years later, I still listen to Mr. Jones and think of that time, and others like it. I bring out the best in a lot of people, but those who want to believe that the world is impossible as an excuse for not changing or trying, I represent something that drives them to anger it seems.

Other than Mr. Jones, I think of the Superman theme, but that could just be my son’s influence.

Q: What mythological creature would you keep around if you could?

A talking owl. A pegasus is a neat idea, but they’re big and I can’t imagine writing with one hanging around. The classic talking owl is relatively small, there to provide wisdom and act as a friend.

From @DebiVSmith

Q: Can you make this headache go away?

Having traveled back in time to this era several times, it was the only way to avoid the apocalypse and the election of Ted Cruz, who shouldn’t be allowed to change his birth nationality. Though, as a Canadian, I don’t want us keeping him on the books.

Q: What do you get when you cross Freddy and Jason?

I hadn’t really thought about crossing Freddy Mercury and Jason Cantrell (@cantrelljason) before. I guess you’d have a story teller who would be very much the queen of the crop.

Q: What’s your dream car?

The Fantasticar! The Fantastic Four never had a cooler looking vehicle that this one that was apparently built by Dodge for a comic-con.


Q: If you were able to quit your job and write full time, how many hours a day would you dedicate to writing?

Here’s the breakdown of my day as a full time author:

  • 1 hour jumping for joy that I can afford to be a full time author!
  • 4 hours for writing
  • 2 hours for promo/media
  • 2 hours for other elements of the business
  • 23 hours for twitter (or less)

From @HearnDylan

Q: Why do you run these while I’m sleeping?

Um, because I am an uncaring and incentive America-centric jerk.*hangs head in shame*

From @JaimeLMarr

Q: Are you an Outlander Fan?

I’ve heard really good things about it, but I haven’t become one yet. Right now, I watch less than 1 hour of TV a week because of my writing schedule. Yes, a week. Not a day. I used to watch about 2-3 hours a day.

From @AngelinaWrites

Q: Do you listen to music when you write? Or do you prefer silence?

95% of the time I’m listening to music. The music has to be able to climb over my defences and stir my emotions. The other 5% of the time is when I’m dealing with a highly sensitive sense where I need to focus with absolute silence. The two mass battles in Book 2 of The Yellow Hoods required that.

From @Nikostar

Q: How many Yellow Hoods books do you plan to write?

I plan to write 5 in this series, then jump ahead 10 years for the sequel series. That series is intended to be more of a dystopian Steampunk setting. I have SOME ideas about what’s after that.

Q: Why?

Wooo, WOOOO. Hold on, you ask me that NOW? After I’ve sold my house, trade all my belongings for a Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser, walked across the country in a pinky tutu and flipflops, been elected to the senate in two states, wiped out a drug cartel, helped aliens escape area 53, and brought you a half eaten muffin. NOW you ask me WHY? Some people.

Q: What is one thing that you wish people could know?

How to think clearly, properly, and for themselves.

Q: What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Christmas! Why else would I have incorporated Santa Claus into my stories as a master inventor.

Q: What do you do when you want to give up? How do you keep going? (Writing-wise, etc)

It would be very different if I hadn’t gone through those 15 months of horrific pain that I lived through, never mind being smacked down with the severe asthma and rib-tissue inflammation disease that I have. Through that, my mind was sharpened and I learned that I will always come out the other side.

When I write and I hit a block, I think of it as a combination safe. I know that if I relax, put myself into the right mental state, I’ll here the clicks of the tumblers and the world will open again. Just before I felt the groove hit for book 3, I was starting to wonder if book 1 and 2 had been flukes. I knew that was a mental game, fear and doubt trying to overturn the victories that I had earned with the release of those first two books. I reached out to my tweeps, you included, and within minutes, I felt reinvigorated and within a couple of days, I felt the story really coming together.

Reaching out, asking for some support, that takes strength (I think you once quoted that from book 1). I have come to believe that I have the talent to do what I’ve started doing. I try to make a point of helping out anyone who seems to be caught in that temporary funk. But giving up? That wasn’t an option when the pain was trying to break me, so it is definitely not an option from stopping me from becoming a best selling author.

From @CarolineAMcD

Q: When was the last time you were lost?

TODAY IN A MEETING. Holy bleepers. There were idiots everywhere, and I was in a small boat of reason, trying to weather their storms of inanity. My mast of will was nearly broken, but ultimately I ended up nowhere close to where I expected I’d be. I would have wandered for hours, lost, separated from the project schedule and goals because of executive decision… but it was time to go home, so I hoped the train and was OUT OF THERE!

Q: What would you do if you could see 24 hours into the future?

Probably go completely crazy. I’d try all kinds of things to see if the future I saw was immutable or not. I’d try the lotto numbers, but then I’d wonder why I didn’t see myself as rich in the future, so I’d like give my ticket to a homeless person.

From @Shelloloh

Q: When did you realize you wanted to be an author?

When I started to write my memoir, I wanted to get the story out. I was nursing a ‘silly’ idea that maybe I could be an author, maybe. At least I could, maybe, get my memoir out. When Along Came a Wolf released, it grew a bit. When Breadcrumb Trail released, it was stranger. Selling more than 230 copies over a couple of days in Edmonton added so much fuel to the fire that now I am RATTLING THE CAGE OF DESTINY … whatever that means. I want it, a lot.

From @No11811

Q: Will a top hat ever be part of your ensemble?

When I complete The Yellow Hoods and jump forward 10 years into that world’s future, it might very well be. Or it might be when I jump 30 years after that. Note that this is the first time I have given any hint that this is a trio of series. Shh, it’s a secret just between us.

Q: Will you end up coining the term “Emergent Dieselpunk” at some point?

Yes, along with Emergent DiscoPunk, Emergent BigHairPunk and Emergent ZombieFreeDeApocalypsification. Mind you, I could very easily take the world that is The Yellow Hoods and keep jumping ahead in years, and creating the first Diesel engine, and bringing it into a Dieselpunk era. HMMM…

Q: Do you feel that people can be friends although they may disagree in virtually every current “hot topic” issue?

From my experience there’s a limit. It takes a lot of mutual respect to be able to genuinely have opposing views on major issues, as well as a lot of core elements of life where you agree. But a lot of the time, I’ve found that either the person had an issue with me (jealous, wanted to prove to others that I wasn’t as smart as they thought, etc) or they are genuinely the wrong type of person for me to be around (e.g. of poor moral character).

I’ve had friends who were fundamentally of different perspectives, but we had such a strong base, that it just made discussions fascinating. They were able to see my view, and I theirs, and sometimes one of us would come around to the other’s view, sometime’s not.

From @sonyacraig15

Q: Once and for all – Is Pluto a planet or not?

This is a difficult one, but after much reflection, and re-re-re-re-viewing of all available material, I’m certain in saying that Pluto is a dog. At no point has Mickey Mouse or the other characters waffled on this point, and so I believe it is pretty solidly resolved.

Q: If you could be a dinosaur, which one would you be and why?

Raptor. Small, smart, able to work in teams, likely to survive. Mind you, today, we’d call them evil-super-chickens, wouldn’t we? What happened to the old, scaly view of dinos?

Q: You’re given the opportunity to create another female smurf! Now it’s a 2-100 ratio. What is your female smurf like?

The desire to start out with her being lesbian, JUST TO MESS WITH EVERYTHING, is so compelling, but I’ll leave that aside.

She’d be inventive, smart, a brunette, a pants-wearing type. She’d be a grease-monkey, but able to appreciate a flower and a good book. She’d also be an eye roller. She’d be a complete ‘comrade-in-arms’ with Smurfette tho, Smurf-chicky-sisterhood.

From @demerybunn

Q:Why must I wait for book 3? Why must you wait for my book 2?

Unlike a couple of authors that I’ve met, we are not the type to spend a couple of years and write 10 books and THEN start releasing them. We write, publish and repeat!

Also, since my time machine broke down, my books are taking actual noticeable TIME to write. As for your book 2, there’s no excuse that I’m willing to accept. I never said I was fair.

From @nfinitefreetime

Q: How much damn longer am I gonna have to wait for Shadows of Mordor to install?

This is a question as old as time. It reminds me of the great philosophical question, “How many *BLEEPING* times will I have to reinstall Windows *BLEEPING* 3.1.1?”

Shadows of Mordor actually seeks to break you as a person. Only when you have snapped, after the passing of the rage and you are begging Sauron to have it finish, that you are willing to give everything for that to happen, only then will it complete.

From @cantrelljason

Q: When do I get my sailcart?

Um… They will be available with the charity, collector’s edition of the box set of the entire The Yellow Hoods and the two follow up series. (Dangerous promises, wants to please everyone).

Want plans? Would you pay $20 to have sailcart plans sent to you? Tell me. Seriously. I will have them designed and autograph the papers.

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