One Lovely Blog Award – 7 Lovely Things

I was tapped by Susan Kicklighter on Twitter for the One Lovely Blog Award, i.e. to participate in the blog tour meme of writing 7 things about one’s self. As part of this, I’m supposed to tap a number of other people, unfortunately everyone that I can think of who is available, has already participated. If you’d like to participate, I’d be more than happy to amend this statement.

I’m not sure what qualifies as Lovely things, so I’m going to do what I usually do, and reframe things in a fashion that I can address this. Thus here are 7 curious things about me:


1. I love comic books.

As a kid, we’d end up at the doctor’s office a lot. I think my immune system loved everything it came across, and wanted to invite it in to play inside my body. I grew up being able to identify ammoxicillin by smell alone.

The first comic book that I remember getting was Peter Parker the Amazing Spider-man #25. I still have the raggedy version of it, along with a near mint copy. I’m a big Marvel fan and secondarily, a DC comics fan. I’ve not been interested in the other comic companies, they just haven’t been able to grab my interest.

About two years ago I started reading comics again on the app Comixology, but since Amazon bought them and removed the BUY button off the iOS version, I’m back to just reading my daily comic book news off

2. Got Drunk? Nope

I don’t drink beer, liquor, and if I have a glass of wine, we’re talking a half glass with dinner and that’s it. More from a digestive aid that anything else, genuinely. I’ve never been drunk, ever. Drugs? Don’t even need to go there, mine are all prescription.

Growing up, alcohol always tasted rotten to me. While, like coffee, a lot of people tell me “you come to accept the taste because of the effects,” I was never interested in the effects. I felt like if I somehow dropped my guard, the demons that I kept within would escape, and I couldn’t allow that to happen.

It’s not a religious thing, it’s just a personal thing. It lead to a lot of exclusionary moments of loneliness growing up, and afterwards, but I have pretty much perfected the art of making a drink I’m holding look like an alcoholic drink. You’d be surprised how different people react to the communal sin of drinking if you hold your glass by your finger tips, from the top, and slosh it around gently, only taking a small sip every now and then.

3. Could have been a detective, I’m a flat foot

One of my feet leaves an entire foot impression in the sand, the other is about 90%. I’ve also abandoned having orthopedic inserts as of about a year ago, after having had them since I was 16. One day I thought about what they were doing, and decided that at the spring-chicken age of 40, I was going to retrain myself to walk properly, adjusting for the flat feet. I haven’t looked back.

4. I’m dyslexic, and that’s an advantage

I’m quite open about being a dyslexic, having chronic pain, being a severe asthmatic, but you’ll never hear me use them as excuses. Each has given me, and continues to give me, something positive. Dyslexia is the most obvious. While it slows me down from a reading perspective, and sometimes trips me up from a writing perspective, it allows me to model things in my mind that is of tremendous value in software design as well as story creation.

cow_01_ai8-1113vv-v5. I’m an intolerant person, of dairy

Lactose-free isn’t good enough for me, it’s got to be dairy-free. Dairy and I used to be friends. We used to hang out, laugh in the sun and kick our feet in the later. Then Dairy turned on me. When it finally stole my beloved Cheddar Cheese from me, I wept.

Lost in the land of Soy and other Dairy-Doppelgangers, I walked pained, my heart broken. But then Almond Milk came into my life (yes MILK, EAT IT DAIRY LOBBY) and the most glorious of sorbets by FIASCO.

My wife makes me tons of wonderful treats, but none more treasured than dairy-free, egg-free pancakes that taste like SUPER AMAZING PANCAKES.

6. I’m an introverted extrovert

I watch people, I see patterns, and interacting with people takes a certain amount of energy from me. If I’m in front of an audience, or if I feel comfortable with a group of people because of how I read them, then I’m extrovertive. I don’t do well at parties or rubbing elbows types of events as they take a lot of energy from me.

7. I’m very much a tribesman

I’m terrible at maintaining long distance relationships with friends. I have one friend in Toronto that I say in regular contact with, and that’s because he calls me 3 times for every 1 time I call him. The people around me, which includes my Twitter Tribe, are the ones that I really invest my time and energy into.

When I consider someone a friend, I will do whatever I can to help them. I’m a full contact friend, and when it comes to my Tweeps, if they’ve got a question or issue or sound like their down, I’m there if they need me. I’ve built up some incredibly strong relationships over Twitter, some just by noticing the word pattern for the person changes, which ultimately leads to them sharing something profound with me. By the end of the chat, they feel better and I feel enriched.


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